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Reflections From The Past
Interviews with retired members conducted by Tony Puzzo

(Tony took over the writing of the column from Jim Woods in April 2016)

Archieved Stories

JIM WOODS: Jim joined the Town of Islip Police Department June 15th, 1955. On January 1st, 1960, when the Suffolk County Police Department was formed, he remained in the Town of Islip now known as the Third Precinct. Later the same year he was reassigned to the Fifth Precinct  sector 505. He transferred  to the Highway Patrol Bureau in 1964 assigned to the Traffic Engineering  Section.  During 1969 he was promoted to Sergeant and returned to the Fifth Precinct as the East End Supervisor.  During his tenure at the Fifth he was assigned to organize the School Crossing Guards Section, then was in charge of the Administrative personnel and finally to head-up the Plainclothes Section during 1971 and remained the C/O for 15 years. He retired in 1987.
                      While still on the job he purchased a home in Hernando Beach, Florida. He and his wife Nora, maintained  two homes for six years before selling their New York home in 1995.  They purchased a 35 foot motor home in 1996 and explored the U. S., while keeping their home in Florida.
                      During 1991 the Alumni Association was organized.  Jim is a charter member of the  Board of Directors  and was the first editor of the Newsletter. Most people know Jim from his article “reflections” over the past 20 plus years. Jim and Nora are currently selling their Florida home and returning to Bayport, where they have purchased a home to be close to their family in their twilight years.

MARTIN IMMEL: Marty came on the Department in 1970 after spending eight years with Grumman Corporation working in their space program. After graduating from the academy he was assigned to the Fifth Precinct. He did his time on foot patrol before being assigned to sector 509 where he spent the next seven years. Marty then transferred to sector 511 for a short time before he was assigned to the Plainclothes (now Crime Control) Section. During 1994 he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Juvenile Division which later became part of the Fugitive Squad and Missing Persons Bureau. Marty said that the Police Department was a super career to have followed and he worked with great people throughout his years in the Department. After retirement he purchased a home in Florida and has been doing the snow bird routine each year. Marty is married to Marylou, who was a dental assistant for many years. They have two children, Marty the 3rd, is a Physical Education Teacher at the Bayport/Blue Point School District. He and his wife also have two children, Martin the 4th, one year old, and Summer, four years of age. Little Summer was introduced to a local Chinese buffet by Grandpa and now every time she sees her Grandparents it’s “buffet” Grandpa? Their other son Mike is married and is employed by the Town of Brookhaven in the Highway Department.

MARTIN ALMBERG: Marty was appointed to the Department in 1972 after serving four years with the Air Force and then with Grumman for seven years. After the Academy he was assigned to the Third Precinct and was assigned to foot patrol. After a period of time he was assigned to sector 302 and Joe Pfeffer was his partner. In 1988 he was transferred to the Marine Division and worked on the Kilo boat. During his tenure in the Marine Division he earned his Captain’s License. He remained in this command until his retirement in 1997. Marty’s wife Carol worked for the Islip School District for thirty years and retired about the same time as Marty. They relocated to the east coast of Florida to a waterfront community. He plays golf at least two times a week with Alumni brother Fred Fernez. He also has an unusual hobby, he collects vintage Mercury outboard motors, the newest one being a 1959 and the oldest 1947. In all he has eighteen motors. He also belongs to the A.O.M.C.I. which is a national organization regarding his hobby. Carol raises orchids in her yard and has quite a number of plants along with her herb garden. The Almbergs have two sons, Martin Jr. is married, and works at the Indian River State College teaching Marine Biology, they have one son, Connor, who attends the University of Tampa; Winston is married and lives in Mount Sinai, Long Island, he has three children, Laif, Rogan, and Lahrs, all attending school. For those living on Long Island, Winston is the owner of Winston and Son Fence Company in Mount Sinai, 631-682-3180. Marty said his son would be glad to do business with people of the S.C.P.D. It is interesting to note that both Alumni above worked at Grumman Aircraft Corp. at the same time period in the same Space Program. Thanks to you both for your stories.

Now, on to a subject that I have been pondering for quite a while. I have decided after twenty plus years of writing Reflections in our Newsletter, to retire. Nora and I will be relocating back to Long Island, while we are in good health, and hopefully find a new home in Bayport. We want to be closer to our family at this stage of life and be more involved with them. I have enjoyed doing the Newsletter and interviewing the Alumni members over the years. Some of you I worked with and some I never knew. It was fun. I hope you enjoyed seeing your stories in the Newsletter as much as I enjoyed interviewing all of you. Now some better news. Tony Puzzo has volunteered to take over the pen at Reflections. Tony is a talented and connected writer who writes the “F-2” column on the Alumni web site. He was a Detective Sergeant assigned to the Arson Squad before retiring in 1986. Tony and his wife Agnes reside in the Port St. Lucie area in Florida. When Tony writes the spring edition I am sure he will fill you in on himself and how to get in touch with him. So, that’s about it for now. Help Tony by answering his calls and giving him your story. Tony, if you want, you have the right to continue my sign-off message,“Keep Beating the System”. It goes with reflections.
Keep Beating the System
Jim Woods 4400 Flexer Drive Hernando Beach, Florida
Florida: 352-596-9003 New York: 631-472-1059

RICHARD ALLEN:  Dick was employed by Commercial Credit Co. before entering the Police Academy in 1962.  During his tenure in the Police Department he worked in many commands.  He started in the First Precinct, then to the Second, and then on to the Lab, as a Detective.  He then  made Sergeant, went to the Fifth, and then went back to the Second.  He remained there and made Lieutenant.  He was on the move again when he made Detective Lieutenant and went to the Arson Squad.  Dick  made Captain and went to the District Commanders Unit until he was transferred to the Marine Division.  He was on the move again and became a Deputy Inspector and  Executive Officer of the Fourth Precinct.  Dick was on his last move, was promoted to Inspector and assigned to the Chief of Patrol’s Office.  He then retired in 1992 after having more than thirty-seven years on the Police Department.  After retirement he moved out to the north fork to Peconic, Long Island.  He built his own home where he now lives with his wife, Diane, who is a retired Registered Nurse.  The Allens travel to Florida during the cold months and bring along their twenty-three foot boat.  They pick a different location each year in the Sunshine State for their vacation visits.  Dick and Diane have two children:  a son who is single and resides in upstate New York; and a daughter who is a Police Officer in the Southold Police Department and is married to Aidan, they have two children.  Dick said they also travel to Ireland to visit family.  Dick and Diane will be travelling with a group of thirteen family members to Ireland in the near future for a family gathering.  Thanks for your story Dick, you certainly had a rewarding career with the Department and are having a great time in retirement.

PHIL BONAMO:  Phil entered the Police Academy in 1965 after  spending four years in the Air Force and three years in college.  Upon graduation he was assigned to the Fifth Precinct for two years then transferred to the Third Precinct.  He spent about ten years at the Third until he transferred to the Planning Section and on to Communications where he retired in 1985.  Phil and his wife, Agnes, moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, soon after retirement.  He became a Probation Officer for two years and then went on to became a Licensed Private Detective.  His wife worked for Embry Riddle College for about ten years.  Both are now fully retired.  Phil likes to do gardening and raise vegetables in his spare time.  Phil and Agnes have one son, Phil Jr. who is married and has two children.  He is an attorney and had a private practice but now works for Rice and Rose located in Daytona Beach, he deals in criminal and family law.  Thanks for your story Phil.
JOSEPH FARNITANO:  Joe joined the Department in 1964 after spending time in the Air Force and Republic Aviation.  After the Academy he was assigned to the First Precinct and went on to the Sixth, the Fifth, Internal Affairs, and the Major Crime Bureau.  Along the way he picked up his Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Detective Captain and Deputy Inspector shields before retiring in 1986 from his final command, Major Crime Bureau.  When Joe initially retired, he and his wife, Patricia, moved to Hartwell, Georgia.  He worked as a staff writer for the local newspaper.  After a few years with the paper he became the Hart County Solid Waste Manager where he oversaw the implementation of a modern waste disposal system.  He finally retired for good in 1997 and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, in 2001.  This past year he moved to Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Joe and Patricia raised five children, who gave them fourteen grandchildren, including one great-grandchild.  Their oldest daughter, Patricia, is a nurse, is married, and presently a stay at home mom with three boys, she lives in Tucson, Arizona; Tom lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, and is an account executive with a company that offers state of the art 911 systems; Chris is a family doctor on the staff of his county hospital in Martinez, California; Mike is a senior nuclear inspector with the Atomic Energy Agency, he is presently stationed at the agency headquarters in Vienna, Austria, is married and has three children; and last, but not least, is daughter Terri, she is married, has two children, and works as an Emergency Room nurse in Rock Hill, North Carolina.  Thanks for your story Joe.    
KEITH BETTINGER:  Keith was a Garden City, New York, Police Officer for a couple of years before joining the ranks of the S.C.P.D. in 1972, Recruit Class 51.  His first assignment was the First Precinct.  He then went on to Highway Patrol and again moved to the Second Precinct for the rest of his career, retiring out of the Plainclothes Section during 1994.  Keith remained in New York and was a teacher at the New York Institute of Technology, Criminal Justice Section for three years.  He then moved to Las Vegas with his family.  Since retiring Keith has written over 125 police related articles for various publications and also had the time to author three books:  Murder in McHenry; End of Watch; and Fighting Crime with “Some” Day and Lenny.  His wife, Lynn, worked at a day care center for young children both in New York and Las Vegas.  She is now also retired.  Keith and Lynn have three sons:  Shawn, who works for Southwest Airlines; Brett, a Pharmacist for Wal-Mart; and Derek, who works at an electrical supply house.  All live in Las Vegas.  In their spare time Keith and Lynn enjoy sightseeing in the neighboring states.  Thanks for your story Keith and good luck writing.
JOSEPH BALCARCEL:  Joe was appointed to the Department in 1968 after spending time in the Navy,seeing duty in Vietnam, and then working at Fairchild Corp.  After the Academy he was assigned to the Fifth Precinct.  During 1972 he was assigned to the Property Bureau where he stayed until his retirement in 1989.  In his spare time before he retired Joe started the Long Island Trophies and Awards business which he continued doing into retirement.  He is also on the board of directors of the S.C.P.D. Historical Society and many more fraternal and military organizations.  Joe’s wife, Chris, worked at Swezey’s Department Store in Patchogue for several years but then was a stay at home mom when the first child was born.  Since retiring, Joe and his wife travelled throughout the country using their time share.  They have four sons:  Bryan, a teacher at the Brentwood School District; Scott, recently took over the family business, Long Island Trophies and Awards; Randy works for P.C. Richard and is married to Michelle, they have four girls, Samantha, Diana, Bella, and Kayla; and Corey, who works for Capital One.  Joe and Chris will be heading to Orlando, Florida, in July for her family reunion.  Joe also mentioned that he lost track of a good friend, Charles Thompson, (last known address is Newbury Vermont) about ten years ago and requests anyone reading this Newsletter knowing an up to date address and phone number for him to call Joe at 631-475-1548.  Thanks for your story Joe and good luck locating Charlie.
ROBERT BURKE:  Bob worked for the Suffolk County Mosquito Control in the early 1950’s before he was appointed to the Islip Town Police Department during January of 1955.  Bob worked mostly in the Bay Shore area before his career was interrupted by Uncle Sam in 1957, when he was drafted into the Army.  Bob lucked out because of his college background and landed a very technical assignment, putting the warheads together on the atomic bombs while overseas.  Bob returned to the now Suffolk County Police Department and resumed his carrier.  He was assigned to the Third Precinct and was assigned a sector in the Bay Shore area.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 1966 and remained in the Third Precinct, also doing duty on Fire Island during the summer months.  He was then promoted to Lieutenant in 1970 and assigned as the Administrative Supervisor again at the Third Precinct.  Bob was on the move again in 1975 and was transferred to the Marine Division.  He remained in the Marine Bureau until his retirement in 1981, except for a short reassignment to the Second Precinct during his tenure at Marine Bureau.  Bob has one daughter, Kathleen. who is a retiredsupervisor from Suffolk County and was assigned to the Police Department.  Since his retirement Bob did quite a bit of traveling around this great country and has made good use of his boat.  It was great talking over “old” times with you Bob thanks for your story.
GENE FAILLACE:  Gene came to the S.C.P.D. in 1970 after spending four years with the U.S. Air Force.  After attending the Police Academy he was briefly assigned to the Fourth Precinct and then to the Fifth Precinct.  He remained there for a number of years in sector 522 and also worked on the desk.  He then was transferred to the A.V.R. section and then to the Juvenile-Missing Persons Bureau, and finally retired in December 1989.  During his tenure in the Police Department, Gene was attending college and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree.  After retirement he attended the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.  Over the years his practice was located at several locations on Long Island.  He now practices on a limited basis in the patient’s home.  Gene’s wife, Sunni, was employed by the New York City School System for many years and BOCES for seventeen years before her retirement.  They have three children:  Russell, who has three children, Kristine, Mathew, who is in the U.S. Air Force, and Nicolette; Jodie, who has two children, Cheyenne and Christerfer (Jodie also is an Optician and owns Spectacular Eye Wear in Woodbury, Long Island, 516-822-8971  should any one live in that area); and Joseph, who has one daughter, Olivia.  Joseph and Russell work together at their business F M S Trucking, they move heavy machines and can be reached at 646-734-8816 in Bayport Long Island.  Gene and Sunni do a lot of traveling, especially in Europe, in their retirement.  Thanks for your story Gene.  Sounds like you have done very well in your retirement.


Manny joined the ranks of S.C.P.D. during 1967 after spending some time in the U. S. Army.  After the Academy, he was assigned to the Second Precinct in patrol. He then transferred  to the Marine Division and finally to J. A. B. where he worked until  his retirement in 1980 on a disability. After retirement,  Manny and his wife, Ellen, travelled around the country and finally settled in Garner, North Carolina and built a home for their family in the mountains. Manny landed a job with the North Carolina Division of State Law Enforcement, as  a Police Officer, for  17 years, retiring in 2007. Not ready to settle down yet,  he then was employed  at the Raleigh/Durham International  Airport in security and screening,  for  6 more years.  Manny, now seventy, said enough and fully retired 1n 2008.

Manny’s wife Ellen worked at Pilgrim State Hospital in records and after settling in North Carolina became a medical Transcriber, retiring in 2009.

Manny and Ellen have four children; Donald who is a Police Officer with the Charlotte N.C. Police Department as a Helicopter Pilot (also an Instructor), he is married to Marie and they have 3 children. Bill, is a Captain with the Raleigh N.C. Fire Department, he is married to Louise and they have 2 children. Millisa of Chapel Hill, N.C. is married to a Raleigh Fire Department Capt, they have 2 children. And Amy who lives and works in Washington D.C. in the Media Relations business.

So, all you early J.A.B. Alumni, this is what happened to Manny after retirement,

Thanks for your story Manny.                                                                                                                                                                


Stan was a pre S.C.P.D. officer coming on the Huntington Town Police Department during 1957. At the formation of S.C.P.D. he was assigned to the First Precinct in sector 105. After a year in the First he was transferred back to the Second Precinct to Sector 203. After a couple of years he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Second Squad. After six years with the Squad, Stan was on the move again and went to Main Squad Detectives and finally to the Intelligence Unit where he remained until his retirement on February 20th, 1978.

Stan relocated to Sebastian, Florida and became a commercial fisherman working the waters between Sebastian and Coco Beach for clams. He did this for eighteen years and then went on to a security job at a local country club for the next nine years. He then said, “enough” and retired for good. He then relocated to Barefoot Bay, Florida for another nine years before relocating again to Sun City, South Carolina.

During his thirty five years of retirement Stan and his wife Mary toured the U.S.A. several times in their motor homes that they owned over the years. While living at Sebastian Florida, Mary had a Housekeeping business to keep her and her employees busy. They also have two children, John, who lives on Long Island is the Manager of an auto parts store and Christine who is married and has two daughters, Clara Mae 7 years old, and Della Grace 11 years old. Stan wanted to mention that he loves his granddaughters big blue eyes.

Thanks for your story Stan, as I always say “keep beating the system”, Stan, it looks like you beat it, being retired over 36 years.    


Paul joined S.C.P.D. in 1967 and after the Academy he was assigned to the Sixth Precinct.  He was assigned to Port Jefferson Village which was no stranger to him because he went to Port Jeff High School and grew up in the Village.

After a period of time Paul was reassigned to an experimental unit “street crime prevention”. He worked in this unit, which was eventually kept by the Department, and was assigned a partner, Bill Mahoney. Paul and Bill worked for many years together until they got involved with a call from Headquarters as a reported “Homicide” which turned out to be just a drunken man in the roadway. Unfortunately, this would be Paul’s last night, they got the man on his feet, and he then fell to the ground taking Paul with him, breaking his back.  After three spinal surgeries Paul was retired in 1978 on a disability.

Paul relocated to Sarasota, and was a bachelor for about ten years until he met and married Marianne. Marianne is an Registered Nurse working in Sarasota. During his life in Florida he regained some relief with the help of a good Chiropractor and received his Private Investigators License both in New York and Florida. He worked at a disco in Westhampton, New York and also did some domestic investigations both in New York and Palm Beach, Florida which was quite exciting work.

He always remembered his partner Bill and how well they worked together. Paul always kept in touch, but not in person, with Bill over the past fifteen years and finally talked Bill into a week’s visit with him in Sarasota this past January.  Paul encourages “partners” to keep in touch with each other.

Thanks for your story, Paul.    


Frank came to the S.C.P.D. during 1969 after spending two years with N.Y.P.D. After the Academy he was assigned to the First Precinct on a foot post. He then worked his way into sector 102 and remained there for about 15 years. Frank then was assigned to the Emergency Services Unit for five years and from there retired in 1990.

Soon after retirement Frank relocated with his family to Seneca, South Carolina and got a position at Bear Creek Nuclear Plant in charge of security for a few years. He then worked for fifteen years with Kroger Marine Construction Company building docks and controlling erosion in the area of Lake Keowee. He is now employed part time with a classic auto restoration garage.

Frank owns a 1955 Chevy and has toured the country showing his car, he has many trophies from the various shows. 

Frank’s wife, Barbara, was a secretary for 26 years in Plainview, N.Y. and 17 years at Clemson University, South Carolina, she now works part time for the school. Frank and Barbara have one son, Frank Jr. who is a supervisor for the Michelin Tire Company. He  is married and has two children Victoria (tory) 13 years old and Frank who is 8 years old.

Thanks for your story Frank.


Barry spent four years in the Navy before joining the S.C.P.D. in January 1963. He was assigned to the First Precinct, serving as a sector car operator (initially as the first operator on the first tour of a new one man car 115 in Wyandanch), followed by four years in the Babylon Village car 112 then on to the Plainclothes Section before being promoted to Sergeant in 1970. In September 1975 then transferred to Highway Patrol and remained an Expressway Sergeant until his retirement in 1992.

After retiring he and his wife Barbara bought land out in Southold and built a home in 1998. Barbara had worked as a registered Nurse at Good Sam Emergency room for 43 years. She left there and worked part time at a nursing and rehab center in Greenport and finally retired this past December. During his police career, Barry also drove school charters for Inter County Motor Coach Co. in Babylon and continues to do the same two or three days a week for Sunrise Coach Co. in Greenport.

They have two daughters. Virginia, a nurse, like her mother, works in patient discharge at Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead. Her husband is a longtime Physician’s Assistant at Southampton Hospital’s E.R. , they also live in Southold. Cynthia, is single and has worked for the past fifteen years for PAYCHEX in Rochester, N.Y. as a software instructor.

In their spare time Barbara and Barry travel, they haqve been to Europe twice and England/Ireland once. In Ireland, the bus driver stopped the bus in Tuam County, Galway and allowed Barry to get off the bus and stand in the town from where his ancestors immigrated. They have taken frequent one week trips throughout the U.S.A. Next year they will be married fifty years and plan a trip to Hawaii.

Barbara spends much of her time working on her many craft hobbies and gardening (when the deer don’t kill her plants). Barry enjoys fishing on his 20 foot Grady White either out in the far reaches of Gardners Bay or trailering the boat to New Suffolk and fishing out in the ocean off Shinnecock inlet.

Thanks Barry for the story, you made this one easy for me.     


Barry came to the S.C.P.D. during 1963 and after the Academy was assigned to the First Precinct. During his stay in the First he had an interest in K-9 dogs, so, he and brother Police officer Pat Conley approached the Department to organize a K-9 unit to combat the high rate of burglaries in the factory area of East Farmingdale. His request was approved and he and Pat went around the country to various schools and returned with two dogs and the S.C.P.D. K-9 section was formed. The results of this patrol drastically reduced the burglary rate in the Factory area. After several years Barry was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Juvenile Aid Bureau. He then was transferred to the Third Squad and again to the Sixth Squad where he started a S.O.P. unit, Barry retired from the Sixth Squad in 1984.

During his time on the Job Barry started up Peace Security Inc. When he retired he worked at his business full time with 150 employees until he sold the business in 1995. Barry then travelled around the country and especially at Riverhead Raceway supervising security at racing events, he did this for about Five years and finally retired. He now has free time to put into his hobby of gun collecting and  firearms from the Spanish American war to the Korean war. He also spends time in his Florida residence at Spring Hill, Florida. Barry is now looking into the S.C.P.D. Historical Society to see if he can assist them in any way.

Barry has two daughters, Danielle, married to Matt  Vereline, they have two children. Matt is the owner of South Shore Landscaping, located in Bohemia and services all Long Island. Barry’s second daughter is Debra who is single. 

Thanks for your story Barry, and I am sure the Historical Society will welcome your help.


Roy came to the Suffolk County Police Department in 1975 after spending two years with the New York City Transcit Authority. After the Academy he was asigned to the Fifth Precinct and also worked seasonal on Fire Island. He then went on to Communications for ten years and finally retired out of the Sixth Precinct in 1992. Since his retirement Roy has been fully retired but makes time to go on extended cruises. He remarked about one vacation that he enjoyed most which was on a trip to China and included a cruise on the Yangtze River. Most of Roy's time is taken up looking after seven grandchildren. His wife Brigitte is a travel agent at All-Eays Travel located in Center Moriches and can be found at 631-878-1600 for anyone needing tips on traveling. Roy and Brigitte have two children: Yvonne, they have three children; Dan is an eighteen year veteran of the Suffolk County Police Department and is a Detective in he Seventh Squad, he has four children. 

Thanks for your story Roy and don't let those seven grandchildren tucker you out.


Jack spent two years at the New York Port Authority before joining the ranks of the Suffolk County Police Department. He spent five years at the Third Precinct and went on to the Police Academy for another four years before being promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Second Precinct. Jack was on the move again and was reassigned to the Police Academy as the Executive Officer of the Firearms Section until his retirement in 2010. His spare time is taken up with the Civil Air Patrol as New York Wing Commander and holds the rank of Colonel. He spends most Mondays in White Plains, New York, where he maintains his office. His wife Debbie is also retired, from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company. Jack and Debbie have two children: Mike is a paramedic on Long Island; Adam works for the Suffolk County Department of Public Works. It also looks like Jack and his wife will be spending some time at St. Cloud, Florida, where they recently closed on a vacation home.

Thanks for your story Jack and welcome to Florida.


Dennis spent two and one half years with the New York City Police Department before joining the ranks of the Suffolk County Police Department in 1969. After the Academy he was assigned to the Second Precinct. He then went to the Highway Patrol Bureau and then on to the Academy as an EVOC instructor. He remained there until his retirement in 1987. Dennis and his wife Susan relocated to Brooksville, Florida, and became a Deputy Sheriff in Hernando County. He spent his final yeards as a Court Bailiff for Judge Merrott Sr. He then retired with fourteen years of service. Upon reflecting on his experience working for three Police Departmentshe said there is none better than the good old Suffolk County Police Department. Not being ready to fully retire Dennis took a job with a security business for two and one half years before full retirement. Dennis and his wife Susan have two daughters and two grandchildren; Jennifer is a designer of ladies gowns and her husband is in transportation; Stacey is a teacher with the Hernando County School District and her husband is a Deputy Sheriff with Hernando County. Dennis now has plenty of time on his hands and attends the monthly breakfast with his fellow Alumni of the Suffolk County Police Department.

Thanks for your story, Dennis.


Bob started his police career with the Transit Police in New York City during 1965 before he came to the Suffolk County Police Department. After the Academy he was assigned to the Fifth Precinct for a short time but he said "the roar of the Harley" lured him to the Highway Patrol Bureau where he stayed for the rest of his career, retiring in 1981. After retiring he took a job with a large environmental service company and after twelve years he recently retired as Director of Operations. Bob's wife Barbara worked for a large company on Long Island for fifteen years as the company's Comptroller. She recently retired. Since retiring Bob and Barbara relocated from Long Island to the central area of the West Coast of Florida. Bob and Barbara have five children: Chris, located in New York, is married with two children, he is the Station Master at Grand Central Station, New York City; Diane, married with one child, lives in Oregon and is Vice President of Fuji Medical Division; Irene, of North Carolina, is married with three children and is a stay at home mom; Peter, of Florida, has two children and works for the United States Postal Service in Tampa; Veronica is finishing up her music degree at Catholic University located in Washington, D.C., she graduates in December 2013 and will likely remain in D.C. as a music teacher. Bob said he will miss good old New York and his friend of firthy-three years, Kenny Murtha. Kenny and Bob were partners on the job in the Transit Authority, the Fifth Precinct and the Highway Patrol Bureau. Maybe he can get Kenny to relocate in Florida. What do you say Ken? It's always warm here.

Thanks for your story Bob, it's great adding you to the list of Florida Alumni.


 Jim joined the ranks of the Suffolk County Police in 1970 and upon graduation from the Academy was assigned to the Fifth Precinct on April Fools Day of that year. After being in uniform for fifteen years he was assigned to the Plainclothes Section of the Fifth Precinct and remained there until 1992 when he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Fugitive Squad. During 1998, he was assigned to the First Squad Detective Unit until his retirement in 1999. All during his career he maintained his employment with Allied Van Lines, full time before S.C.P.D., part time while on the job, and full time again when he retired. Jim retired full time in 2002. Jim's wife Nancy, worked at the local school and later kept busy at home raising her family. She passed away on November 13, 2009 after forty-six years of marriage to Jim. They had three sons: Jim, a State Fire Marshal at Suffolk County Air Force Base; Steve, who followed in his dad's foot steps and is retired from the Southampton Police Department; and Glen, who lives in Virginia and is in the construction business. Glen's wife is in charge of customer relations at the U.S. Naval Museum at Norfork Virginia. Jim has seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. Jim splits his time between Long Island and Florida. In his spare time he does a little hunting and doting over his 1962 Corvette, keeping it in good shape. One thing Jim said was that coming on the Police Department was one of the best decisions in his life and the opportunity to work with his brother officers.

Thanks for your story Jim


Dennis worked for the railroad in the traffic department in Vermont before joining the S. C. P. D. in July 1963. He was assigned to the west end of the county and moved to the Sixth Precinct in 1987. He was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Sixth Squad. He transferred to the Robbery Squad, then to the Homicide Squad, later to the District Attorneys Office and finely to the Intelligence Squad where he remained until his retirement in 1997. His wife, Joan, worked for Suffolk County also, in the Child Support Enforcement Section until her retirement in 2006. Dennis has five children: Nancy, a physical therapist has four children; Debby, employed by Davis Vision, has four children; Laura, who is a homemaker, has four children; and John, a New York City Firefighter assigned to Brooklyn, has four children. Susan, who is employed at Mather Memorial Hospital, has 5 children. Joan has one child, Kerri, who is a homemaker, lives in Maryland and has two 2 children. Dennis still lives on Long Island but winters at South Beach, Florida. His spare time is taken up with his boat and travelling, recently returning from a trip to Europe. I am sure, with all those grandchildren, Dennis and Joan are kept very busy. Nice talking to you Dennis and thanks for your story.

Thanks for your story Dennis. 


Paul entered the ranks of the S.C.P.D. in May of 1967 and was assigned to the Fighting First Precinct. He was assigned to several sector units but spent most of his time in sector 106. He was then transferred to the Plainclothes Section and remained there for twelve years until his retirement in 1990. Since his retirement, Paul and his wife, Barbara, relocated to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Paul has had several part time jobs in retirement but completely retired in 2005. Barbara is a retired nurse from Tennessee and has three children; a son in Albany, New York who is retired from the United States Navy; a son in Tennessee; and a daughter living in Florida. In their spare time Paul and Barbara cruise, most recently from Italy to Miami, Florida.

Thanks for you story, Paul.


Tom joined the ranks of the S.C.P.D., after putting in four years with the United States Air Force, on April 1972. He was assigned to the "Fighten" First Precinct. He worked in North Amityville and Wyandanch many years before being assigned to Street Crime and the Crime Control Section. He was then promoted to the First Squad and did the last ten years in Criminal Intelligence, retiring in 2002. During his tenure in the police department Tom was assigned to the Hostage Negotiation Team, served on the Awards Committee for ten years, is a past president of the First Precinct Brotherhood, and is currently a board member ofthe Retired Detective Association. Since retiring Tom and his wife, Kathie, started the North Fork Trolley Company in 2003. They give wine tours on the North Fork of Long Island, wedding transportation, and many other tours of interest (Check out their website, North Fork Trolley Company, it's interesting). Tom and Kathie have four children: Tom Jr. who was a Police Officer with the New York City Police Department for eight and a half years and is now a Suffolk County Police Officer for three years assigned to the First Precinct in North Amityville; Mike, a butcher in New Jersey; Heather, a school teacher in West Babylon; and Becci, who owns her own designer business in Rochester, New York. Tom and Kathie also own a home in Stony Creek, New York, located in the Adirondacks where their seven grandchildren "can raise all the hell they want". Nice story Tom, continued good luck with your trolley, and thanks for your story.

Thanks for your story Tom. 


Whitey entered the Police Academy in 1969. He was then assigned to the Second Precinct and remained there until he was transferred to the Marine Bureau, remaining there for sixteen years, and finally hung his hat up in the Special Patrol Bureau and retired after a total of twenty-one years of service. He then moved to Jupiter, Florida, and married his wife, Nancy, who is a retired nurse from Chicago, Illinois. Whitey then relocated to South Carolina and relocated again to his present home at the Villages in Florida. During his retirement he has held several part time jobs but is now fully retired and into that wild game of golf. Nancy has three children: a son who is a graphic designer; a son who is a dealer in Las Vegas; and a daughter who is in medical sales. During their spare time Whitey and Nancy take to the high seas, cruising. Note: Harold stated, "if you call me Harold nobody will know who your talking about, everybody knows me as Whitey". OK, I got that right Harold, oh I mean Whitey. 
Thanks for the story Whitey


Frank came on the Brookhaven Town Police Dept in 1959 and in 1960 was assigned to the Sixth Precinct when the Suffolk County Police Department was formed. He remained in the Sixth Precinct in patrol and Plainclothes for ten years. Frank was then promoted to Detective and assigned to Main Office and then to the Robbery Squad. He retired in 1979. Soon after retiring, Frank relocated out of state and took care of his wife, Irene, who was in ill health, for the next ten years. In his spare time he became a licensed fishing and hunting guide. Irene and Frank had three children, two daughters and one son. Frank later met and married Sophia. He now enjoys fishing and travelling to visit his children, one of whom lives in Florida, When he comes to Florida he also gets to visits a couple of Alumni who live near his daughter's home. Frank wanted to be remembered to all his fellow Alumni both from the Brookhaven Police Department and the Suffolk County Police Department.
Thanks, Frank, for your story, keep warm!


John entered his police career in 1956 with the Village of Patchogue. When the SuffolkCounty Police Department was formed in 1960 he was a Police Officer assigned to the Communications Bureau. Shortly after, during the same year, he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Fifth Squad. He then was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Fifth Precinct and again returned to the Fifth Squad as a Detective Sergeant. John was on the move again and was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Sixth Precinct. During 1972 John made Detective Lieutenant and went to the Seventh Squad and in 1974 went back to the Fifth Squad. He made his final move to Headquarters and was in charge of the Sex Crime and Burglary Units. John retired during 1984 and headed up to the North Country in New York and built a house on forty-three acres of property and raised twenty-five head of  steers. During 1997 John then sold his farm and returned to East Patchogue and retired. There's another side of John's career that may not be known to most. In his youth he played professional basketball with the House of David basketball team and later was a catcher with the Yankees minor league team. John's wife, Alice Ann, was a "stay at home" mom and raised five children: Steve is a Clinical Psychologist in California who has five children; Ellen is a Social Worker and lives on Long Island; Kathy has two children; Diane has one son, her husband, Mick Boyers, is the producer for the Montana and Life with Boys shows; Jacqui has an auto parts business on Long Island.
Nice story John, thanks. Hopefully I have all the facts and years down right for you and your family.


Alex joined the Babylon Village Police Department in 1953 after serving with theUnited States Navy during World War II and the Korean War assigned to the submarine division. In 1960 he was assigned to the First Precinct. He spent the rest of his career at the First Precinct, retiring out of the Plainclothes Section in 1972. Alex then relocated to Titusville, Florida, and became a Deputy Sheriff for the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, attaining the rank of Sergeant, Chief Bailiff. He then retired again and some time later moved to The Villages, Florida, to be closer to his daughter Suzanne. Suzanne is married to Bruce Enzmann, also retired from the Suffolk County Police Department. Alex also has a grandson in law enforcement working as a D.E.A. agent.
Thanks, Alex, for the story.

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