Association Supporters

Our heartfelt thanks to those listed on this page have provided financial support
to our organization and scholarship fund. Our members are encouraged to recognize
our supporters and consider doing the business with the supporting businesses.

Business Supporters

Trident Partners Financial Advisers, Woodbury, NY
Pat Coumo (Retired SCPD)                                  (see full page message)

RBatt Corp. Rare coins - Gold- Silver Holbrook, NY
Richard Battaglioli (Retired SCPD)                   (see full page message)

Organization Supporters

Suffolk County PBA
Noel DiGerolame, President            (see full page message)

Suffolk County Superior Officers Association
Tim Morris, President             (see full page message)

Suffolk Detectives Association, Inc
William J. Plant, President            (see full page message)

The Police Association of Suffolk County, Inc
Roscoe C. Palmer III, President         
 (more information)

      Individual Supporters           

Fred Fernez (retired SCPD) Indian Harbor Beach, FL   (see full page message)

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