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Fall 2014


Jack Scott

Everyone who attended was very pleased with the reunion in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Ray and Helen LaShier did a great job in organizing this event.  We had approximately 48 attendees.  The required annual corporation meeting was held.  During the membership meeting several ideas were discussed to increase participation by retirees.  Several attendees have offered to assist the organization in the future.  I am especially interested in filling board vacancies with members from different geographical regions.  It appears that many people believe this organization is just for retirees in Florida.  This is for all retirees regardless of their geographical location.  (See chart on page 6)

I am pleased to report that Bob Timm has accepted an appointment to the Board of Directors as well as assuming the position as Quartermaster (Southern Region).  I am working to get confirmation of assistance from the other reunion attendees.

We continue to receive bulletins and notices from all the S.C.P.D. line organizations.  Events are being posted to our website.

Our active membership roles are depleting due to illness and aging.  This is also true of our Board and staff  members.  This is a common problem with many organizations.  It was disappointing that the Retired

Detectives Association has declined to further discussions on a merger.  They have advised that they would like to continue supporting events with the Alumni Association.

Moving forward, we need to determine just what role the Alumni Association should play.  I believe we should continue in our efforts to keep communications open among retirees via website, newsletter, and mailings.  This may entail getting more involved in additional electronic social media.  We should also consider retaining someone to act as the “manager’ of the Association.  This would eliminate having to get volunteers to do all the required day to day tasks.

As an association, I believe we need to step back from actually running events and offer to support any event that includes our retirees.  If any member or group of members wants to organize a gathering or event, the Alumni Association will assist in communicating the information, as well as offering whatever financial support we can.  We also have a large amount of recent retirees who may have some time and skills which could help the S.C.P.D. Alumni Association to continue providing benefits to our members.  Please call 352-345-1778 if you can help.

Respectfully Submitted;
Jack Scott, President



Ron Aimes

Hi Everyone.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and a safe Summer.  The Fall is upon us and so far it has been very nice.  I sure hope the Winter is going to be milder for you members and relatives living up north.

 First, I want to thank Ray and Judy Russell, Don Quintus, Monica Fierro, Robert and Pamela Eggers and the other numerous people that helped make the 10-28 Annual Picnic a great success.  I also want to thank Ray and Helen LaShier for all their work arranging the 2014 annual reunion in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  I was told that it was also a great success.  This was the first reunion my wife and I were unable to attend.

The Alumni board is looking for people to organize and run the 2015 picnic and the annual reunion.  These events are subsidized by the Alumni board in every way it can.  The picnic from now on will be a catered affair, relieving the organizer and members from that job.  Contact a board member if you are interested.

It’s that time of the year - dues are due.  This year instead of depending on notices in the newsletters and other means of notification, the Alumni is going to send out a dues invoice to members.  This invoice is included along with this newsletter (pages 3 and 4) and also included is a return envelope.  Please return the invoice filled out with or without your dues.  That is so I can keep the alumni database up to date.  Please keep the receipt at the end of the invoice for your records.  If you pay your dues you will receive a 2015 Alumni Membership Card in the first issue of the newsletter next year.

Reference the insurance benefit, you have to have your dues current for three years prior to the member's death to be eligible for the benefit.  Please keep your beneficiary form up to date.

 I am happy to report I lost one of my jobs.  Retired Police Officer Robert Timm of Highway Patrol has consented to become the new Alumni Quartermaster.  Continue to send your orders and checks to the alumni address.

The Alumni board needs some good people, especially someone that is still there on the Island, to be our Alumni connection on the Island.  If interested, contact Jack Scott.

In closing, I hope all have an enjoyable and safe holidays.  Most importantly, keep beating the system by getting those checks every month.


Fraternally Yours
Ron Aimes
Vice President/Membership

Snow Birds

Please notify Ronnie Aimes of address change by e-mail
Or call him at 352-688-8363.
If you don’t, you will not get the next newsletter.


Ted Woj

Hi everyone.  Currently the SCPD Alumni Association has the following funds:

$9119.00 with three scholarships pending.
$22,517.56 in the benefit fund.  The Association has paid 33 benefits since 6/13 to the present.
$356.00 in the special events account.

Fraternally Yours,
Ted Wojciechowski

2015 Dues Invoice

A 2015 Dues Invoice with return envelope is included in mail home Edition
of the Newsletter 
for your convenience.

From The Editor:

Eileen CallahanCongratulations to Rich and Jane Waltz on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  This article and picture was in the Port Saint Lucie Newspaper.  I saw it and now you’re seeing it.

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