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Members' Vintage Vehicles

This Alumni auto enthusiast is proudly standing alongside his beautiful Corvette coupe . This is the fourth Corvette that he has owned. His prior Vettes included 1966,a1977, and 1987. John Damante has a passion for America's only true sports car and it's easy to see why.


On 1976, I was a sergeant in the 3rd Precinct. My road lieutenant, Herman Sandles told me about an old Chevy in the backyard of a residence in Islip Terrace. It was a 57 Chevy completely disassembled, and missing the front end. The body was off the frame, with a cat living in it,. I paid $100, put the body back on the frame and towed it home, along with the parts. A parts car was purchased ($200 )in order to obtain a front end and bumpers. After evaluating, everything, work was put on the back burner, as family necessities and other easier projects came first. Work restarted in the 80s with the purchase of a sandblaster. The entire body and frame were blasted down to bare metal. The frame was painted, and body primed. A low-mileage Chevy 327 V8 engine was purchased from a Sayville body shop. a standard transmission and other parts were found at a Pennsylvania swap meet. New and reproduction parts were ordered. A local body man repaired and painted the body. Each Christmas,  after family gifts were purchased, a new part was bought for the Chevy. In order to address my family's accusation "you never finish anything" the right rear armrest has not been redone. Today, the car still looks great and runs just like a 1957 Chevrolet should. Robert Hendrickson


This Alumni auto enthusiast recently showed up at a Marine Bureau get-together on Shelter Island in his 20-year-old BMW convertible. The car, silver with a matching leather interior is certainly an eye-catching ride.
Artie Sirico and his brother Mike came to this Marine Bureau barbecue with the intention of retaining the bureau's cornhole title. They were dethroned by Frank Dowd and Doug Rilling in a close match. 
  What Artie finds attractive about the BMW is the precision German engineering that goes into building them. After 20 years, this roadster looks as good as it did when it was new. His brother Mike was previously featured on F2 showing off his v8-powered Austin Healey replica. 


Mike Boyd Vette

Louis Robsum Vettes


Keith Bettinger's 2008 Corvette

This auto enthusiast has been featured before with his red Chrysler Crossfire convertible, but now he is showing us his 32-year-old Mazda RX7 roadster that he has owned for over 30 years. The car is triple black with 52,000 miles. Even when compared with today's highly advanced vehicles, it's a fun driver. With a rotary engine that turns up 8000 RPMs and 5-speed transmission, it still gives the operator a thrill.
  It's now pretty much retired out on Shelter Island like the owner, taking short scenic rides to the shore to enjoy beautiful sunsets. 
  It does, however, take an annual pilgrimage to Mr. John's Pancake House in Montauk, bringing back childhood memories of the years before that town became a  popular tourist destination. 

Mazda left

mazda doug

Doug Rilling


Hey Guys it's Garry Murphy from Cape Coral, Florida. I thought some of us would like to see a few of my toys.  Retirement has been good. They are two, 1964 Corvette and a 2004 Corvette and they are all done and I take them to shows.


  1969 Oldsmobile Toronado
Retiree Doug Bose shares some info and pictures of his '69 Olds Beauty

1969 Olds Toronado. 75k miles 455 engine. Purchased from the estate of a family friend who had it for many years and took care of it like his baby in 2010. Have in my garage here in The Villages. Take it out about 3-4 times a year. Runs well... Interior in mint condition. Some body work necessary. Considering possibly selling it.


Anyone who is seriously interested in the car can contact Doug through the Alumni Association.


This week's automobile enthusiast highlights Alumni Paul Robinson and his beautiful silver Porsche. It's a 2004 911 Carrera with 320 horsepower. The car has only 45000 original miles purchased from the original owner. Paul recently moved to Florida from Center Moriches. He retired from the Marine Bureau in 1990.


This week's story of a unique car belongs to Alumni Chuck DeRicco. It's a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair 500. This beautiful car has only 15,000 original miles and was purchased by Chuck from the second owner. When consumer advocate Ralph Nader wrote his scathing report about the  Corvair titled "unsafe at any speed ", he obviously didn't realize that a half-century later these little gems would be sought after by classic car enthusiasts. 
Chuck3 chuck2


Chief Cameron operating the 1960 Plymouth at the 2019 Police Surgeons Car Show in Huntington

PD vehicles at the Police Surgeons Car Show in Huntington

Alumni Regional Director Mike Thompson receives award with his 2004 Mustang from Ronnie Ames at the 2019 Police Surgeons Car Show at St Anthony's High School in Huntington

PD Veh Historical
PD MustangPD MCPDHummer
MikeThompson Mustang