YAHOO Retirees Group


Yahoo group for SCPD Retiree’s. It is an efficient way to electronically communicate with our fellow retiree’s and get notices of important events related to our fellow Retirees. We encourage all SCPD Alumni members to join and participate in this yahoo group.

The SCPD Retirees Group is available ONLY to SCPD Officers, active or retired, SCPD Family Members, Civilian Employees of the SCPD, and Reserve Officers. If you are asked to verify your eligibility it is only because the three Adminstrators don't know of you.

The Adminstrators for the SCPD Retirees Group are: Mark Hawthorne, Dick Barry and Danny Miller

The First Amendment is actively exercised on the Group and it is requested that civility prevail. Beyond that, there is no actual censorship unless a string of profanity suddenly appears.

Your membership is welcomed and we hope you have an enjoyable time keeping in contact with old friends.

How to Sign Up for the SCPD Retirees Yahoo Group

1. Go to:   
2. In the upper left hand corner look for where it says New User Register

3. Left click on Register. A new screen will open up.


4. Fill in the information requested and when you have done that go down to Create My Account and left click on it and your account will be created. There will be a box in the process that asks you for comments of information. Please fill in where you worked in SCPD and when you retired. All new members will verified in 48 hours or less.

5. You will also see a question that asks you how you want to receive your information. You can get emails every time someone posts a message, you can get a daily digest which will email you all messages at the end of a day, or you can opt for no email at all and just come to the site and login to see what is going on when you feel like it.

NOTE: Write your password down somewhere safe. It is not known by the Group Administrators - along with that remember your Yahoo User name. 


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