May 2015 Newsletter - Pages 3 and 4
Ted                                               TREASURER REPORT

The Alumni has the following funds:
Benefit Savings/Checking $32393.74
Fifty Benefits paid since June, 2013
Scholarship Fund:  $18434.67
There will be ten scholarships at $1000.00 each for this year.

Fraternally Yours,
Ted Wojciechowski

Eileen                                       FROM THE EDITOR

Thank you to Don and Monica, Ray and Judy, and Bob and Pam for their hard work.  The picnic was awesome, as usual. I received an e-mail from Alumni Elliott Kraus.  I thought it worthwhile to reprint it in the Newsletter (page 13).  Thank you Elliott.

Some of you might be wondering why Jim Woods was picked to write the Recollections Column for the Newsletter.  And why a scholarship was named after him.  The answer is in the picture below.  (Yes, that’s me with Jim.)

Jim Woods, Eileen Callaghan

New Retirees

            John Abernethy                              Joan Jamison                                      Gregory Phillips

            Jacqueline Arpino                           Terence Lamb                                    Thomas Piccirillo

            Richard Auspaker                           Steven McCormick                            William Rathjen

            Kathleen Bordengo                         John McHugh                                    Ralph Rivera

            Terence Corrigan                           James McManus                                Daniel Rudek

            Christine Devallee                          Robert McNaughton                          Carl Ruff

            James Dove                                  William Mileski                                  John Sears

            Alan Feinstein                               Scott Miller                                        Kelly Smith

            Donna Greenblatt                         William Naughton                               Karen Wanek-Abruzzo

            Richard Groelinger                        Nels Nelson                                       George White

            Peter Higgins                                Joseph O’Reilly                                  Mark White

            James Hillgardner                          Frank Parente                                    Lorraine Zaleski

            David Huss

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