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MARCH 2018

I hope this column finds all my fellow retirees up north bearing thru the winter relatively easy. No problems down here.. Sad news first I've learned of the passing of Bernadette Zimmerman,formerly of SCPD Public Relations, she was involved in distribution of the certificates in honor of the 50th Anniversary of SCPD. A very classy lady. Some of our members are also about to reach their 90th birthday, John Brennan and Freddy Fernez,still active in local politics on the east coast of Fla. His legacy continues in the faces of his offsprings and their 
offsprings as one is a Lt and his wife a Det . Fred also plays golf weekly with Marty Almberg in and around Melbourne,Fl..God Bless Fred. He also reminded me is is "out" 42 years..
From the pages of Retired Police Assn of NY,the following; these are recipients of scholarships pending confirmation of enrollment; Courtney,grandaughter of Richard Shivers,Morgan granddaughter of Emanuel Bristle, John grandson of Bobby Creighton, Sean g/son of Harry Dedora,Christopher of Eddie Gersbeck( hi Ed),Sean of James Byrne,Regina,of Tony Grieco(hi my ex partner), Jenisa of Ivan DeAbreu,Christopher of Joseph Brown,Gavin of Susanne Boyd,Leah & Jillian of Bobby Amato( hi Bob),Alyssa of Ray Griffin,Matthew son of Richard Czeczotka, Justin of Al Burzo(my facebook friend,)Erin Of Erich Schindlar,Dylan of Richard Waltz(Hi Rich),Jaclyn of Charlie Leser(Hi CHarlie),Cheyenne of Terence Coughlin,Raymond of Raymond Blasko,Alexa of Micheal Mooney(Hi Mikey)Casey Raggett of Antonio Caminiti(Hi Tony)..
In closing this month's column I want to advise this will be my last..I've requested a replacement for the last 3 months,to no avail. Throughout the last 8 years I've endeavored to impart a sense of brotherhood to all and to let you know "what's happening" with your brothers & sisters..However, the poor (to say the least) response I've has with too few exceptions makes it more difficult to carry on. I want to thank those few who did respond to me and added to my column..You know who you are and I've always mentioned it in succeeding columns. I also want to thank Tony Greico who as president at the time (2010), had faith in me, asked me to do this. Also thanks go to Randy Randazzo the editor at the time for his guidance and to Marie Tupot  who guided this newsletter from print to internet through her knowledge and patience with me..Ciao,bella..So sorry she was "terminated"recently..and to Jack Scott who contacted me and asked if the SCPD Alumni Assn could add my column to their newsletter  over a year ago.. Some of those members also added to my column ,especially Frank Mucciolo (6th Pct) who "hooked me up with a pal of his in Australia two years ago,who was simply wonderful in escorting us around there..I still communicate with him & his pal ..But, put a fork in me ,I'm done..Should someone decide to pickup the gauntlet contact Joe Brock of the Retired Dets Assn or Jack Scott of the Alumni Assn...Happy retirement to all..God Bless..ciao
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo



I shall open this month's column with a puzzle, as told to me by my 12 yr old grandson; What loses a head in the morning but gets one back at night..I shall let you ponder that, answer to follow later in the column.. This will perhaps ensure your reading this column this month..
I heard from my old "senior man" in 115 earlier this month Billy Parrish, one helluva cop, a mentor to me and I will never forget my couple of years with him riding the roads of Wyandanch.. Get well old friend, enjoy your new 'LAPTOP".. Hello to Freddy Mazella our old Sgt & your neighbor.. All those "115 in pursuit northbound on Straight Path, active file1 with occupants" With the blood pumping through our veins, anyone who has had one of these will understand the "rush"..
On to business, through the "printed word" of the Retired Police Association of NY State, names from the past appear as having made a financial contribution to the organization, quantity not important, many of you will have worked with these fellow pensioners in the past and hopefully will be happy to see their names, hope it rekindles some happy moments. John W Streeter, John Askew (another 115er) Daniel Mulhearn, John Stanton, Daniel Luccari, George Walling, Suzanne Boyd, John Doucette, Robert Doyle, James Byrne, Ray Gutowski, Patrick Alu, John Rodriguez, Henry Hambel, Bob Turano, Paul Staski, Robert Mylott, MichaelStoeckert, Thomas Murphy Joe Centorelli, Barry Charles, Terrence Fanning, John Rondinelli, Mark Maieli, George Trksak (a/k/a "Deadeye", MaryAnne Villardi-Feonstein, Steve Cleary, John Delaney, John Gordon, James O'Connor, James Kevins, Ronald Ruppe, Tony Puzzo, Nicholas Sgaglione, Peter Falcetta, Sebastian Demarco, Michael Belkin, Howard Sedell, Bob Gorsky, Charles Colan, George Doerning, Charles Robertson, John McGarvey, the answer to the puzzle is a "pillow", now go tell that to your grandkid, Frank Sciortino, Robert Kellenberger, Arthur Brewer, Daniel Desantis, Kathleen Bonney, Keith Bettinger...
As I write these names for you, to realize these pals are still with us, and you should make contact just to say hello, also I realize the being retired almost 32 years makes one out of touch, I do not reccognize most of these names... The offer to take over this column is still there.. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and take some happiness, in knowing that these are still with us.
Let us remember our soldiers and first responders,protecting us.
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo


Christmas greetings and New Year best wishes to all reading this column..As I was on a cruise just before Christmas and was busy as all of us were  during Christmas this column will be extremely short,also due to the lack of input by who ever reads this column..As I have noted in prior columns anyone who feels they  wish to take over this, you are welcome to give it a go,as I am just about done with this. Just email me and it's yours..
Sorry to announce the passing of (Det) Bob Tiedeman,at his home in Centereach, over the Christmas holiday week..Curious to see how much my taxes will decrease with the new tax plan..So sorry to see the "war on police" continues,it seems almost every day we hear about another brother being murdered, Be observant out there,just because you are retired  doesn't mean bad people out there don't know you are/were one..Car decals etc..
Let always keep in mind our armed forces personnel who can't be home for the holidays,and the police & fire service who must be ever ready..
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

December 2017

What ever happened to this year? Did it just speed by or is it me?  Perhaps as we get older,similar to a roll of toilet paper the closer you get the end the faster it goes​
Yeah I know older then dirt..Speaking of "old" John Lynagh turned 80 and is still beating the system...Atta boy John,still playing golf too.
BTW I just received my monthly booklet from the Retired Police Assoc of NY (my Bible for this column) indicating the new list of officers.I'm ashamed to say not one SCPD among them(11 all together) What's up with all you still living up on the "Island".Volunteer...
Among some of the named members for various reasons are the following; John Askew,Ray Griffen,Ray Kennedy,Carlo Stona,Ed Vesely,John Rodriguez (recently retired as per his letter)Michael Axelson, Tony Bivona,William Murphy,Armando Valencia..This just to let you all know they are still with us and still beating "the system"..Those no longer with us whose beneficiaries donated the life insurance $$$ to a schloarship in their name are James Gallagher( donated by his son),David Buckley (his wife), Joseph Meyers (his daughter),Robert Harsch (his son),Eugene Novak (his wife) Kevin Carney (his daughter),James Burdock (unk),Vito Lorusso (unk),Steve Giordano (his daughter..This shows to goya that classy people raise classy children and have classy wives..God Bless all concerned.. To those of you who may still remember Ruth Hart,Sec'y of the First Pct, she is still with us living on the west coast of Florida,in the same town as our late and beloved Commissioner John Barry,Englewood,Fla..I'm on facebook with her, and she is doing well.She held that position when I first joined in 1966.God Bless you Ruthie.. I want to wish a speedy recovery to Henry Hamble from his spinal surgery, he is also a member of the Ret Police Assn.
Gov Andrew Cuomo was described in that same "booklet" as" DESPICABLE,CORRUPT GOV ANDREW CUOMO". OBVIOUSLY SOMEONE KNOWS HIM WELL. So happy that amendment went "down" on Nov 7th..
Danny Quinn with whom I email with and we both attended the Dinosauer Opens in Sebring advises that he is retired 31 yrs,and he & his wife Joanne are married 52 yrs.he keeps himself busy by volunteering at a local food bank andhiring out as a handy man. Playing golf with his brother,Pete,Ret Dep Chief in the SCPD,his children are doing well and wants to give a "shout out" to all the people he "had the pleasure to work with" on SCPD..A good man to be sure.
Keep in mind our service personnel and our still active "first responders"..

Kindly be advised that should one be willing to take over this column,which goes to the Ret Dets Assoc & SCPD Alumni Assoc. right after the first of the year let me know..I've done this since Tony Grieco asked me to in 2010.. I'm about done..Merry Christmas to all.
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

November 2017

I hope all survived our latest rash of hurricanes and their destructive forces,I personally did okay cannot say the same for many of my fellow Florida residents or those in Texas,Puerto Rico and various other places..Hope they get their lives back together, and soon..
During the beginning of October several of our guys attended an IPA National meeting in Charleston,SC among them  via a picture sent to me were; Lou Rubsam (sendee) Brian Mahoney (lives there) Artie Stover, Bob Matedero, Eddie Haase all of whom I had the pleasure of working with while at the 3rd in the mid 70's..Our excellent ESU (swat team) was featured on Fox News with Pete Hegseth displaying their abundant abilities,good job guys..
Sad to note the passing of Rev Hugh Cannon a SCPD Chaplain for the past 4 years..Rev Hugh also served in several LI communities over the years..In God's hand..RIP sir. Also to note, was the passing of 14 year old "Honorary Detective" Sean Dixson, who died from a rare form of bone cancer at that tender age. Sean had a lifelong dream of becoming a SCPD Detective..On Aug 1st Comm Sini fulfilled that dream with "swearing in" cermonies at HQ.  God Bless Det. Sean  and his family..
I hope all have a safe and sane Halloween  including our first responders and soldiers..My God keep them in his care.
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

October 2017

September 2017

The kiddies are returning to school,my 3 grandboys are already in school for weeks,football season is around the corner,can't wait..However can do with out all the "disrespecting" our flag & National Anthem by over payed athletes...nuff said. Hopefully everyone survived the hot summer..Unfortunately several of my friends did not as I learned of the passing of "Big" George Williams (Sgt), we worked in the 1st Pct together, as he joined the dept in 1967. He made Sgt in 1978 and went to the 2nd Pct.RIP pal..Also leaving us was Bobby Soldon (Det 5th Sqd) a classy guy and one helluva golfer. George Davies (3rd Sqd) spent his summer in WORC in West Sayville. If this is unknown to you it's West Oakdale Recreation Camp a private location On Montauk Hwy. and with a large shore line on the Great South Bay.  Heard from Gerry Kirk who was looking for an auto transport company to transport his "older Mercedes" from Naples Fl (his winter abode) to Sayville..I hooked him up with Warren McCue (3rd Pct) and Arty Eggling (4th Sqd) who both live in that area..Hope it worked out ..Gerry went on to advise he was celebrating his 20th Anniversary with his wife Margaret with whom he worked in the 5th with.. I understand John Newton  (4th Sqd) is improving on his health situation,happy to report. Several members of our dept. have made generous financial contributions to the Retired Police Assoc of New York as follows; Daniel Mulhearn,Al Hobbs,Superior Officers Assn, Desmond Desilva, Edwin Simmons,Sidney Cymbalsky,Frank Stuart, Ray Blasko and Sheryl Heather in memory of her father John Heather.. Nice job, people..
Hoping with the new "year" I will hear from some of you out there with some items of interest concerning yourself or another member of our dept. either active or retired..Again,kindly keep our soldiers and members of the "first due" in your prayers. Remind any friends or relatives still on Long Island or anywhere in NY to vote "NO" on the forthcoming issue on the ballot it relates to our pensions...God Bless and be well.
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

Summer 2017

I have been advised by Marie (Tupot) editor of the Ret Dets Assn that no REAL newsletter will be issued during summer months, starting again in September..So accordingly I am submitting only a short version that I had already prepared...I ran into Paul Trovich (3rd Pct) recently with his bride,both looked well. he advised he just had shoulder surgery and went on to say that since the year 2000 he's had 14 operations....WOW I felt shortchanged with my mere 5...Paul has got to have the largest pair of hands I've seen in a long while,obviously to aide in his golf game..Fred Maida(1st Pct & App investigation) is recouping well from his recent medical situation, he is spending June up in the mountains of Georgia,then on to Alaska in a RV.. Spoke with Ginny MacDonald recently and bride of the late Billy is carrying on fairly well...She admitted to be 89 soon and is aided by her huge family including 5 GREAT grandsons the oldest being 25 down to 12 years..She sounded wonderful and wanted to say "Hi" to all her  (their) friends.
Hoping this hiatus will give time to some of you to send in some '"ITEMS" I can report on to your old friends & co workers..Randy Randazzo( 1st Sqd) says"Hi" to all from the mountaintops of West Virginia..
As the song goes "See you in September" be well keep our soldiers and first responders in mind.  Ciao
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

June 2017

It is getting to be an all to familiar happening each and every month as I have to play "Grim Reaper", so sorry to report the demise of our esteemed Commissioner Dewitt Dick Treader.. He was certainly among the best of our bosses, together with John Barry I thought no better boss..He will be missed Rest in Peace sir..Also leaving us this month Ret Det Rupert Behan, ret 5th Sqd,was an original member of our department 1/1/60 promoted to Det 1964 retired in 1983.another highly regard member was Ed Ramski also an original promoted to Capt.2/7/77,I know for a fact he was highly thought of by his men,  Dennis Gannon passed leaving his son Greg who is with Crime Scene Det Gannon joined in 1971..I heard thru Bob Misegades that Bill May (1st Sqd) also left us, unk if his brother Buddy is still with us. If anyone knows kindly advise..That stuff out of the way I met Byron "Bunny" Elllsbought just today at an American Legion Hall in Sebastian,Fl where my brother belongs. He is well and says hello, advised that Frank Smimmo just left to go back to Maine,  also met en ex Member to NYCTA Police who lives next door to Richie Battaglioli, and spoke with him the other day,glad to hear that.
From my NYState Retired Police Assn mailout the following made donations this past month Fred Fernez,John Chambers, Ed Hofman, a particularly nice one from our SCPD Alumni Assn,good going guys, Dave Fletcher,Marty Keating,Teddy WOJOciechowski (whew) Bob Gorski,(two Italians),yours truly,Bob Boyd, Sal Rosina,Henry Ailers,Joe Cianciotta, happy at least these guys are still with us..
Some legislative news, there is a COLA Bill to raise base calculation amount from $18,000 to $25,000 (long overdue) S-3306,Senator Ritchie..A-6045 Assemblyman Steck, not much real hope this will become law,BUT, you might want to contact your legislators ASAP .
I understand John Newton (4th Sqd) is not doing well after celebrating his 80th, keep him in your thoughts and prayers..John was one of our regulars at our golf tournaments in Sebring,Fl all those years..Happy Fathers Day to all Keep the faith and keep our first responders and service personnel in your prayers..All the best..Caio..
Respectfully submitted,

Tony Puzzo

May 2017

Greetings to all who peruse this column..The heat seems to be returning to Florida as today's projected temperature is 90..So what else is new?  Let's get the sad stuff over with right away as the passings of our brethren is announced; (Det) Eliot Krause, (Insp). Joe Meyers, possibly others,these I am aware of.. Also the son of (Det) Vinny Peters, condolences to all concerned..
Heard from (Sgt) Barry Charles, who started off by advising how much enjoys my column, specifically bring back "memories" when he read of Ray Russell, Billy Parrish & Fred Mazella..That's why I mention the "oldies" when I can..Barry went on mentioning the "Mobilization at Sea" cruise held in March  Aboard the Celebrity Equinox, a beautiful ship,I might add. Sponsored by the Alumni Assoc. the ports included Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Grand Cayman & Mexico..Barry mentioned,"beautiful weather, calm seas& good company". Among those aboard with spouses Alan Barr,Eddie Bienz,Rich Bishop, Barry, George Doering, Richard Fitzgerald,Ed Hoffman,George Scheuring, Ray Petersen,John Tschember,Pete Vellon, Tom Wassmer,Jim Morge, Bob Price,Craig Sevenless & Bill Weiners, and summed it up via a "good time was had by all"..Barry went on to admit he is 80 years old and on NO MEDS,good for you,pal..Still works part time driving school charters...Thanks for the input Barry,I wish more guys did it..
Another old friend I heard from is (Det)) Ray Kelly, out of Special Victims,Ray also writes of a "cruise story" Him & his wife recently on a cruise  to various ports in Mexico noted sitting  a couple of tables away was Ed Reilly (D/Lt Pattern Crimes). A conversation ensued, among the topics was how much they both enjoyed cruising AND how great it was to work on SCPD with terrific people..Further more Ray shared that Ed caught his first shark while fishing together..AND that they both enjoyed reading my 
column...( Honestly he wrote that,really...LOL )..Ray winters in North Palm Beach as does Bobby Matedero..Thanks for the info,Ray.. In keeping with these cruise related stories, it may be noted, that, I too met up with "brothers" on several of my cruises; I met Jimmy McCarthy in Haiti and Ed Mottola  on another..So continue cruising,you never know who(m) you will run into..I just returned from one between Palm Sunday & Easter, to the Caribbean & Puerto Rico..
Again,as always let's keep our service people in our prayers and our  uniformed officers both police & fire services personnell..Their job(s) are not getting any easier..
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

April 2017

Well SCPD is in the national news at least on places like Facebook, with addition of our new PO Matias Ferreira. Our newest class member, was injured in Afghanistan . Losing both legs to an IED but,that did not stop this hero Marine from competing and ultimately joining our department.So so proud of him and our department for the courage both have shown..God Bless,safe tours..
Early in March my wife & I had lunch with George Davies (3rd Sqd) and the widow of my friend Freddy Bruns (2nd Pct),Marie Bruns it's been turning out to be an annual event when she comes down here..While having lunch who walks into the place but Ray Russell (1st Pct) the guy who handles the 20-20 & 20-30 certificates. Well now being as how both George & I just received our 20-30s we thanked Ray as he came over  to speak with us..He was accompanied by his pretty wife Judy. Nice coincidental meeting..I had occasion also to speak on the phone for about an hour with my old partner in 115,Billy H. Parrish,who is kind of home bound recovering from a broken leg..He is on the mend thankfully and lives 6 houses away from our "old " Sgt Freddy Mazzella..BTW both are in their 80's..WOW couldn't believe,wasn't it just last year Billy and I were "in pursuit" of an "Active File one with occupants".Oh those days in 115..Many good times and memories came up during our conversation, many of the names are no longer with us,but, will be remembered and cherished always. We spoke of our Sgts,Pete Murray,Phil Poldino, Jimmy Thompson, and of course Freddy..I also had for a while, a Sgt named Billy Blunt from Huntington who was married for a while to a singer named Ruth Brown..She enjoyed a fair amount of success..
Have to report the passing of Chief Dave Buckley who joined SCPD on 1/1/60, the inception date of our department,as a detective retired 1986, another 20-30 guy. Phil Lissenden just had a 2 day stay in Southhampton Hosp.ref. a heart ailment he is recouping at home..Get well quick Phil and get back on Facebook with the rest of us
On March 3rd we went to dinner and a show in Jupiter with my usual winter gang of "hoodlums,Fred Maida,Bob Turano,Ronnie Frole,(Tommy Ingald did not make it this year). Ate at Nick's Tomato Pie anyone who was ever in Jupiter, probably ate there, then went to see Bobby Collins a terrific comedian..If ever you get the chance to see him,take it..
Just renewed my "HR218" license to carry a firearm in many states,shame it's only good for a year, my Florida "carry" is good for 6 years.. ohwell, be well all you "pensioners" Keep our soldiers and first responders in your prayers. I give up asking for "input" it rarely if ever arrives..

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

March 2017

February 2017

Well as we are captivated by a historical Inaugural (rhymes),that has captivated this country whether you like him or not,many of us are hopeful for a return to greatness for our beloved country.   When Obama was elected without very much experience,other then as a "community organizer" many of us were unhappy but we peaceably watch history unfold..No rioting in the streets,burning cars,looting stores, I won't go on..Nuff said, good luck Mr. President..
I might as well get my obituary column over with,sadly, I report no longer with us,Det Dennis Gannon, Det Ray Claus,Det Larry Reisenbeck, and PO Jimmy Brophy of the PistolRange, Jimmy helped many of us get our pistols to "shoot straight" thanks Jim..Jack Bayha notified me of Jim's passing via a phone call from his wife,apparantely Jim had broken his hip among other maladies Jack related to me he had  read of George Trksak in a  previous column of mine and was wondering how Carl Uhlinger was doing.So,Carl contact Jack.. All these guys made up our illustrious pistol team,back in the day. 
On to better things Bill "Whale" Schwalback attended the "8th Pct" get together in "The Villages" and it drew "over 90 people" having a good time including Roseann Christie,Tony Fusina (87 yrs) Jeff Weiner,Arty Vanderstuyf, Pete Marsala,Joe Centorelli, appetizers provided by the Alumni Assoc..The association is coming up with a "20-40" Certificate soon,for those affected by that...Hmmm? didn't someone I know suggest that in last month's column??? Glad it is coming to pass.
The Retired Police Association of New York puts out an occasional list of members who donate some extra $$ to it's cause; some of them from SCPD are as follows; Michael Harmed,Donald Kanehl,Susanne Boyd, Al Hobbs,Ray Marcheschi,Lawrence Bohn, Jim Dolan,Tom Muratore,John Stanton, Frank Paciella,Steve Smith,Tom Murphy,Irwin Aronosky,Richard Lawler,John Streeter,John White, Al Burzo,John Tschiember,Eddie McDowell Bill Bemmett Bobby Turano,Richard Shivers,David Buckley,Ron Heinicke, Bob Kalfur, Bob Bates,Warren Fandrey,Eddie Gersbeck,Kenneth Daniels,Ed Farace...The list does go on too long I will mention the rest in next months column.I write these names not only to commemorate their generosity but to let those of you who worked with them and/or were friend s with them that they are still with us..Contact them and say hello,you may never get the chance again..
I had occasion to go out to dinner last week with some old "buds" and their brides Freddy Maida,Bobby Turano and myself went out then back to Fred's house for coffee (as I remember some Gran Marnier & Sambucca was consumed) and  a big bunch of "remember whens" Mucho laffs..
Let us keep in our thoughts our soldiers and active first responders,God Bless them..I shall sign off for now
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo


December 2016
Happy Thanksgiving to all reading this,probably a bit late as you read it, but, I am writing this on Thanksgiving morning, before we leave for the day..Also because I will be admitted to the hospital on Monday for a knee replacement, a side effect of being retired 30 years, and playing tennis for ten years.. The discomfort made much better by the election of "The Donald" and accompanying hope for this country..Admittedly perhaps not the best candidate but certainly the better of the two,as the results show..Okay enough politics..
Heard from Al Sabia (1st Pct) advises they have been in the Cocoa Beach area for 5 years staying from Dec- June One more year and his wife retires and they will consider living there full time..Spends time when his wife is "away" at local biker bars,with his buddies..His wife comes down 4 times a year.Al proudly relates he is 75 years young, we've since become "friends" on Facebook.. Randy Randazzo up in West Virginia (they have a great college football team this year) became "friends" with me, also on FB, he looks well..God Bless pal, my best to Elaine.. Heard from Ginny MacDonald she thanked me for my article on Bill's funeral,I related that her husband was very well liked by all who knew him and it was my honor to do so.
I am at a loss as to reporting on newer retirees ,mainly because I simply do not know them,AND unless they email me with info they may want to share with their old partners I cannot report what I do not know..I've mentioned this several times,not much response,maybe no body reads this column.. Oh well, time for some "bad stuff" in case anyone is unaware of our recent "passings" D/Lt John Drew ,89, recently at his home in Patchogue,although I never worked under him,I always heard good things from those who did.Bobby Harsch (1st Pct) a good man and all around nice guy. Steve Giordano (Sgt) all will be missed. I really dislike this part but many thank me for the unfortunate info of their old friends..RIP...With the recent rise in police shooting we are all well advised to be alert "out there",especially if we are wearing any police related t shirts etc. If they are bold enough to gun down "on duty cops" they won't hesitate to shoot what they may perceive as a "soft target".. Be careful out there..and with what you wear in public,unfortunately...
Well I am about to prepare to gorge myself with turkey & football,two very good things to enjoy..I wish you all a happy holiday season and let me be the first to wish all a Merry Christmas..It is getting in "the season" down here as the temperature has just dropped down into the 60's & 70's,not to last long I'm sure..Don't forget to keep our first responders & our service personnel in your prayers..May they all return home safely..
Ciao for now and for those of Italian decent "Bourn giorno del Ringgrazimento".....Anybody???
Respectfully submitted,

Tony Puzzo

November 2016

Hi gang,hope all is well out there wherever you are, starting to cool down here in the "Sunshine State"..By the time you read this our less then stellar presidential election should be over, and I will need to worry about my grandchildren's welfare as right now it seems SHE will win.. Gone are the days of decent democrats like HST & JFK..Anyway on with the show..
I received a nice email from my "ex protégée", Al Tosi in reference to an event IPA Region14 held in Dollywood,Tenn. He relates they had 46 attendees among them, with their wives,were, Tom Arciero Joe Acquaro,Vinny Cerullo,(sounds like a Columbia meeting to me) Jack Christopher,Des DeSilva,John Haaga Jack Hannon,Don Kane,Bobby Matedero,Jimmy McManus,Louie Rubsam,Richie Waltz,Brian Mahoney, Bill Weiners and of course Al ..  Many familiar names there. It maybe noted that Lou Rubsam also sent me an email reference same..My thanks to both of you..Their next meeting will be in Myrtle Beach,SC and is sold out, at Christmas time.In September 2017 they will be hosting a "world wide" event for law enforcement officers, on Sept17-21 2017 for further info email Al  or call him 864 882 7520, and have a cup of coffee handy as you will be a while gabbing..
On a sad note our long time friend Bill McDonald passed away on October 4th. Ironically as mentioned to me by his daughter,"he died on 10-4".. I attended his wake at a local funeral home along with several of "our guys", among them; Al Burzo,Pat Mahoney, Don Quintus, Ray Russell,Paul Trovich,Steve Mullins,Mike Keeler,Don Jenulis,Jimmy Boyd, our own Eileen Callaghan,Richie Waltz..It may be noted that both Pat Mahoney & Richie Waltz said a "few words" in remembrance of Bill's many accomplishments and favors he did for those who knew him. Both did commendable jobs..His grandson a member of Stuart (Fl) PD also delivered a eulogy on his grandfather's behalf, and was very eloquent..His "brothers" on Stuart PD provided a motorcycle escort to and from his house and on to the cemetery..His wife Ginny ever the gracious lady  had a bag piper attend and play "Amazing Grace". On a personal note Bill was very instrumental in assisting me with being hired by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office  many years ago while he was still on it, including "putting me up" in his home for the 3 days needed for interviews etc. Thanks to both of them..Rest in peace,pal you've earned the rest.
While volunteering  every Monday PMs at our St Lucie County Republican HQ, two people walked in from neighboring Martin County,also Republicans needing to pick up some supplies, a conversation ensued and I causally mentioned I was a retired police officer from Long Island , the fellow stated he too was one and that he worked for SCPD 1st Pct, well having done the same I learned his name was Tom Cavanaugh retired 14 years, while we didn't know each other we did know several names in common...small world you never know..
I heard that Ron Rafferty,who as I had reported had several strokes still has a weakened left side was in an induced coma for several weeks,followed by a "cleanout" of his carotid artery which may have been the cause..He is rehabbing in Boyton Beach at Cornell Rehab (561 737 7733 ext 13981) can receive phone calls..We wish him well..
I will end this now,with a wish for a terrific Thanksgiving to all of you, and hopes that next Thanksgiving our soldiers will be home with their families.Prayers and good wishes to our law enforcement brothers & sisters, and "safe tours" to all of them..I'm giving up on my J E T S, but holding out hope for my "'Noles"..
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

October 2016

Greetings fellow retirees or as we are called in England "pensioners"..Indeed this is a special moment for me as September earmarked my 30th year
 of retirement..Or as James Woods used to say "beating the system"..Cannot believe 30 years has transpired, I am now a "20-30" member, hear that Ray Russell, I am sure that term is not as unusual as before.Soon we will be welcoming "20-40" members,wow, just think retired twice as long as employed..Anybody in this category yet?? I think Freddy Fernez maybe, I know my late friend Freddy Bruns would have been as he retired in 1976. If anyone  is in this hallowed situation advise so we can commemorate it. The Alumni Assn will have to print up new certificates in honor of this.
Heard fromTony (Carol) Grosso (4th sqd) he advised last time we met was in kitchen of golf course condo I sold him in Jupiter..They did such a nice job decorating it in a terrific "Southwest" motif. He now winters in Hudson Fl on left coast..He proudly announced his son Mike is a Det in 3rd Sqd. Bobby Hulse (3rd Pct,3rd Sqd,Arson) called me and is doing well, he works part time at Bay Shore FD, where he was Chief, as a dispatcher, can't get it out of his system. Arty Eggling advises they are contemplating the 19th Annual "Dinosaur Open" in Sebring ,Fl. coming soon, although time & illness are lessening "our guys" from attending.. Sorry to learn of the passing of Bob Bazoge (Sgt) recently,he was a classy guy, worked in the 1st Pct with him eons ago.
Due to lack of input I have received from the readers I resort to my NYS Retired Police Assn newsletter which mentions some of our guys  indicating they are still "with us" to that end I've read the following names I believe are our "people"; Gene Klarman, VJ Brooks, Ron Ruppe,Frank Smimmo,Carlo Stona, Ray Zevnik,Al Hobbs,Frank Paciella, Bob Turano, Joe Centorelli..
I would also like to give kudoes to two of our widows Dolores Mulvey (Bill) and Janet Sieber (Albert) for donating their husbands death benefit to purchase a scholarship for a cop's child or grandchild..Nice job ladies.. In closing I want to acknowlege  the passing of Pasquale (Pat) Cammararoto, from Amity PD, many of us in the 1st knew him as a nice guy..
I want to wish our first responders safety in their duties, and of course a safe return to our armed forces,fighting to keep us safe..  Feel free to contact me with any newsworthy information or just to say "hello" to an old friend.. Ciao for now
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

September 2016

End of summer greetings,all. Certainly has been a hot one down here in South Florida. Glad I recently had the A/C replaced to keep the electric bill down a bit.. But very soon it's football season and my heart will be breaking again by the J E T S and hopefully fulfilled by FSU..Love this time of year.
Eddie Mottola received another award this time from the Consulate General Of Italy for his continuing efforts on the Italo/American causes. Bouna fortuna me paisan. Ron Rafferty  fellow member of my FOP Post is recouping after his heart situation in a rehab place in Palm Beach County and is already climbing stairs..Arty Eggling is also recovering from an eye  problem at home give him a call 239 337 2691.. Belated condolences to the family of Bobby Elfers (6th sqd) and Post Commander of American Legion in Port Jefferson. We worked together in the mid 70's in 1 Pct Sqd 2 (new) he was our excellent desk man..  Freddy Fernez is the proud patriach of 3 generations of police officers in his area of Florida and they were "honored" in their local paper. Fred is retired Chief of Police of Indian Harbor Beach. His son is a Commander and his grandson is a Lt. Quite a law enforcement family..He also asked to to have anyone "still with us" who joined prior to 1960 to contact him.  Email him @, his cell 321 773 0845 He retired as Chief on 7/2/04, and is a proud octagenarian..I understand he plays golf occasionally with Marty Almberg in Melbourne,Fl.

As I've stated in the past I belong to the Retired Police Assn of NY and receive a periodical with info on their members ..I share this specifically to advise the readers that some of their old friends are still with us; the following were mentioned Marty Almberg Joe Balcarcel,Jim Blake Tom Brady Don Buckley Ray Griffen Ron Ruppe Carlo Stona, Bob Kall, John Doucette, Annettee Mastanduno,John Chambers Bob Turano and Patricia Eaton widow of  Benjamin Eaton..The names were listed for various reason from winning a contest to making a financial donations..Good for them happy to see and recognize many of the names..

Communication is a two way street in order  to keep this column viable and informative I need input from you all out there..Kindly contact me via email (no cost to you) and advise of happenings to you & your family,even just to say hello to an old pal or partner..That is the only way this works people..BTW if you are considering a cruise be aware of Celebrity's offerings on many of their cruises of a free drink pkg (usually about $55/day /person, free gratuities(usually about $12/day/person) and free wifi 24 hrs/day (about $11/day  AND some spending cash (room credit)..We get it regularly. You do not necessarily have to be "ranked", status wise..

I also do "bios" for the Alumni Assn so if anyone is interested in advising their old pals of their latest doings,including grandkids any relocations etc,send me a 2-3 paragraph note about yourself, I'm sure you've already read many of them, your old "buds" would love to hear what you are up to and perhaps what you did prior to SCPD..

Signing off with a reminder that this forthcoming election is so important,specifically but not limited to choice of SCOTUS..God Bless our soldiers and first reponders, their jobs are harder and harder,thanks to groups like BLM and others. Do not stay home on Election Day unless you plan on voting for her.......ciao

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

June 2016

Well it's starting to heat up here in south Florida on this Memorial Day,as we honor all those who made the supreme sacrifice for our country, how can we ever repay those brave patriots.May God Bless them and their families. Speaking of which two of mine rode their "Hogs" up to Washington to partake in "Rolling Thunder" over the weekend,my brother and son in law went up with about 20 other locals and found it very rewarding..I noticed not a single "anti Trump" protestor was to be found in the crowd of over 500,000 bikes..Hmm?? They rode thru the streets 4 abreast..Must been a hell of a sight in real life..If any one else reading this went, email me with your perspective and thoughts..Did not see a "Bernie" or "Killary" sign on TV either..Anyway hats off to those who made the trek, and honored our dead..
I understand Bobby Eckhoff (Det/Sgt) was in Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Az. recouping would love to hear from old pals..As he is deaf you can call his wife on her cell 480 314 0598. Just spoke with,today, John Resch (3rd Sqd & Arson) who is still having medical problems in and out of hospitals and rehab centers,having trouble breathing and very low oxygen levels,just released from a rehab after 20 days( most allowed by Medicare) He is using a walker as his legs are weak..His phone is 941 358 8144, don't think he will make the annual Sebring Open this year..Just a sad note our old Sgt Pete Murray retired as a Chief lost his mom,Mary, recently. Condolences sir..He was a great boss.Bill Mulvey (Det) also just passed away in February. Tony Bivona (1st Sqd) contacted me looking for email for his old partner Joe Carson, I hooked him up with Eileen & Kevin of the Alumni and Marie of the Ret Dets Assn hopefully one of them will have Joe's email/phone etc. Just another service we provide,LOL...Neil Hayes (3rd Pct) announced that his son in law retired as a Sgt from NYPD,and his GRANDson just entered the NYPD Academy, three generations in law enforcement..Stanley Rebilas & his wife Catherine recently celebrated their 60th anniversary,unfortunately Stan passed on shortly thereafter.. I so dislike writing about the passing of our guys but many say thanks for the news as bad as it is.. Heard from Brian Dixon lives down here in Hobe Sound read of my "having a few" with some other retirees including Ed Faiver wants to say hello to him..
As I've written before belonging to the NY Ret Police Assoc enables me to receive certain newsletters containing "info" about our retirees which I pass along,happily, to let you know they are still among us..With that said the following made a $$ contribution to that organization;Richard Knickerbocker,Daniel Mulhearn,Ed Vesely, Sydney Cymbalsky, Kenneth Daniels,Eddie McDowell ( Hi Ed) Joe Cianciotto, Bob Harsch, Robert McGuire, Marty Keating, Cliff Christ, Irwin Aronofsky, Ray Gutowski,Tom Brady,James McManus,James Beilstein..Not to be out done several of our windows contributed in their late hubby's name,Jean Hagenburger (William),Dolores Mulvey (William),Dorothy Isola (Joseph),Antoinette Brown (David)..very nice ladies,God Bless.. Included also was the fact that my old friend Bobby Hulse (3rd Pct,Sqd,Arson) was a winner in monthly drawings they have...Mum to the IRS..
For my golfing enthusiasts the Barclay will be held on Aug 23-28 Black Course ,Bethpage..A name from the past for me, Chuck Millar NCPD Arson Sqd is involved looking for "Course Marshals"  go to,click on info tab,might be a little late but I just saw it.. Ron Cammarata advises of a luncheon held at Flagler Beach,Fl in late March, they had a good turnout from Hwy Patrol,including John Newhoff,Gene Milhit,Richie Dimaond,Bill Donnelly, Jim McCarthy,John Marin Danny Meyer,Tom McKibbin,Ron Strain,& Bob Hubbard, they wished to thank the Alumni Assn for a "donation"..Later  in April with Insp Lee Flammer in town, another luncheon was held with many of the same guys having a good time together..Could be the start of something, a "Hwy Mobilization Drill" .
In closing I would like to quote the following, the immortal words of Lee Greenwood; I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free..and I won't forget the men who died to give that right to me...Thank you Mr. Greenwood and "the men (and women) who died to give that right to me..  Don't forget our "still in blue" brother & sisters, their job is getting more and more dangerous..
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

May 2016

Greetings & salutations one  and all, winter is officially over down here and our roads ,golf courses and restaurants are ours again..With a noticeable lessening in prices I might add​.. Along these lines we had dinner with Fred Maida (lives here) Ronnie Frole , Bob Turano and wives. Tommy Ingald fell down and cracked a few ribs and could not make it here for our annual soiree.  Hope he is feeling better and can make it next year. Bob BTW recently purchased a home here in Port St Lucie and we hope to see more of him and Barbara. Also had an opportunity to have lunch with George Davies (3rd Sqd) and the wife of my late friend Freddy Bruns,Marie.Hard to believe 4/9 was 6 years he is gone. I sold both of them golf course condos, very near each other in Jupiter eons ago..
As some of you may know I have been asked to to "take over" Jim Woods column he called "Reflections" in which he publishes a short (2-3 paragraphs) bio of our retirees, including first assignment, partners they worked with final assignment(s), life post retirement (grandkids,etc).. These will and have been posted on "F-2" section in the Alumni News..Hope you have been able to see the ones on Billy Parrish (1st Pct, Canine), Jim Woods, Bob Gorsky(3rd Pct,5th & Marine), Danny Quinn (4th Pct & Sqd,Homicide). These were my first four, anyone wishing to share their experiences, including humorous ones, or just say hello to guys(gals) you worked with, contact me and lets get started..I haven't had a woman yet...(to write about), so gals email me with your story(ies).. Speaking of Danny Quinn he asked me to mention that the Emerald Society will be celebrating it's 50th Anniversary in 2017, and is looking to place in a magazine old photos, stories,memorabilia, etc. to honor this occasion..Please contact and/or forward any and all to Dan Murphy (murph2807@AOL.COM or call 561 541 8727. Sounds as if there might be some festive libation drinking going on there..Good luck guys..
Bill (the Whale) Schwalbach advised that the Villages soiree was a success, with many retirees attending up there last month..Eddie Mottola wants me to say hello to his friends and let them know he is alive and well..He promised me a "bio" when I get  it you will see it.Now put down all those raviolis and email one to me..He is  BTW a biggie in the Sons of Italy down here in Sicily West..Haven't heard from Gary Leonard since he got married few months ago..Hey,Gary come up for air and say hello..Just got my HR218 renewal,thanks to the help from my local FOP chapter the owner of a local range is a former NYPD and most of the chapter is comprised of same sooo arrangements were made and it was quick and easy. Except I had to listen to a lot of NYPD war stories..oh well..The owner, a good guy even laminated my card..
If you want to see something about you & your "buds" gotta email me with the info,I'll be happy to put it out. Until next time be well and as Jim Woods used to say "Keep beating the system"..Say a prayer for our active cops & firemen, AND our brave service men & women..God Bless
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo 

April 2016

Well I'm back from the "land down under" and yes toilets do flush opposite of ours.Yes I saw and petted a Koala bear and no the Aussies do not drink or like Fosters Beer there. It was a month long trip with many hours on a plane(both ways) and an 18 day cruise between several days pre & post in Auckland, NZ & Sydney,Aust.. We were on Celebrity's Solstace an elegant ship. Before I start I need to thank Frank Mucciolo retired from the 6th Pct now living in Waycross,Ga. He read in my last column that I was going there and advise he had a good"mate" who live in Adelaide,Aust. who might "show us around". He made the connection and his friend then contacted me and arrangements were made and carried out. We met John White a retired South Australian police officer (Dep. Commissioner I might add), who was simply wonderful and gracious  to us. Showed us the area,opened their police museum for us (he is director),gave us a private tour,took us for coffee and had us over for lunch. I tried to buy him lunch but he wouldn't hear of it. He and his mate Eric Douglas and their wives,Pauline,& Lynette, made us feel like were had been friends for years..BTW Eric asked me to say hello to Jerry Lombardo as they were "penpals" for years, and he hopes they can restart it again. in fact he showed me a picture of Jerry on a SCPD motorcycle from when he was in Hwy. I advise Eric  that in fact I worked with Jerry "back in the day". Anyway the wives made us a delicious lunch and the beer & wine flowed (no Fosters). John also took us to his nephew's fire brigade(as they are referred to) house and he gave us a nice tour,as both my brother and I were "vollys" on Long Island. We then left as John & Eric drove us back to our ship after a totally delightful day and gave me police patches, ( I gave him some also) and baseball cap..I will contact our museum curator to send some to him. All in all a great example of the "Brotherhood of Blue". That aside we visited the opera house in Sydney and observed a bunch of "crazies" walking on top of the bridge over Sydney harbor. This being about 200 feet above the water ands quite long,not for me.. Melbourne is quite the cosmopolitan city, much like NYC, only no DiBlassio and no public urination.. It was nice to visit a foreign country with no language barrier. All in all we had a very nice time,one hint if you go thru Dallas or Houston you can fly directly to Auckland,if there is where you start. Qantas Airlines is very good..
Barry Charles (Sgt 1st Pct) lives in Southold,wrote with a "small world" story it seem he stayed in a Hampton Inn in Sedonia,Ariz. and had a nice stay,therefore wrote to the company about his pleasant experience,giving his home town..He received back a letter from a executive with them,turns out to be son of (late) Mickey Russell who also lived there .Young Mr.  Chris Russell noting the home town sent him back a nice letter and they soon learned  more of each other, and their common thread as Barry worked with Mickey in the 1st. and Chris' brother Scott is Supervisor Of Southold Town..As I said small world. Barry went on to say he recently attended a get together at Majestic Gardens in Rocky Point with about 75-80 guys ,among them were Jerry Lombardo,Arty Sirico,Mike Carmody, and John Pfalzgraph..
As a member of the Ret Police Assn of New York I receive their newsletter this past month's edition had names of members who made a donation to the organization,I list the names if for no other reason then to let you know they are still with us(thankfully); John Romaine,Susanne Boyd John Neary,Pete O'Leary, Al Hobbs Ron Ruppe,Bill Bennett,Ray Marcheschi,Joe Laghezza,Dick Barry Michael Harned,John Doucette, Charlie Irving William Thompson,Tommy Murphy, Christopher Newness Sal Rosina, Ron Heinicke, Patrick McMahon Richard Kalieta,Thomas Dusch,Billy Schwalbach (happy b/day),Jim Woods,Dick Waltz,Otto Seidler,Mike Rogers Eddie Gersbeck, Joe Montheith, Richie Dormer,Barry Charles Robert Walch, George Walling Joe Meyers, Jimmy Blake Jim Garcia,Paul Stasky,Peter Napolitano,Michael Belkin, John Streeter, Dick Oldham,Willie Eiserman,Joseph Matthews Charlie Colan Tom Kelly,Charles Robertson,John McDermott,John Goron,James Morge,James Kuhn Michael McCaffery Frank Sciortino,Thomas O'Brien Nicholas Sgaglione, Ernie Fraas, Steven Dickson, Stevy Cleary,Michael Stewart,Bob Gorsky, Keith Van Wickler Kathleen Bonney Dick Tumminia,Howard Sedell John Rondinelli,Robert Kellenberger, Bob Prince, Arthur Brewer,James Loesch,Frank Morrone,Michaael Chronopoulos, Frank Alagna, Douglas Goerke,William Reich, Frank Hotcaveg,William Donaghey,Keith Bettinger...You'll notice I used a bit  more  familiar way of first name with those I know or worked with ..I hope you took heart in seeing the names of buddies that you wondered if they were okay..
Along those lines Jimmy Woods is relinquishing his "Reflections" column and moving back to LI , asked me to take over the column which lists a brief bio of our retirees ,what they did then and now, 2-3 paragraphs is all that is needed..If you would like to share with your pals "what's up" feel free to send me some info onyourself...Don't make me come after you!!
Attended a house St Patty's Day party, Sunday 3/19 and who do I meet there but Pat Mahoney ex Dets Assn Pres & Sheriff and Dick Sperl (Det/Sgt lab), now what are the odds on 3 retired SCPD guys meeting on an afternoon in Fort Pierce Fla, without prior knowledge..The other people there were amazed,as were we 3..
Well I guess I will close this months column with a good wish for a Happy Easter to all, and prayers for our troops in harms way and for our police  more & more it seems in harms way.. Ciao for now
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo   or 

As I finished this month's column I learned of the passing of our friend Jimmy Thompson, lately I have tried to avoid mentioning the deaths of our "brothers" but in this case I felt it should be done..Jim & I worked together as PO's in the 1st Pct and he later became my road Sergeant we've been friends for over 50 years and he was very active in the Ret Dets Assn and will be missed..Condolences to Eleanor and his family,as he joins his brother Joe in the big precinct in the sky..So long pal...

February 2016

Greeting to all from somewhat chilly Florida, my heart goes out to all of you living in the frozen tundra of the north. What you all call snow we call rain..Joking aside I guess this somewhat disproves the "Global warming" false premise..I suppose due to his position I should recognize the retirement of Ed Weber as the Commissioner. Ironically I was his Sergeant when he first joined the department and he was my boss as CO of Arson when I retired as Det/Sgt there..Also to be acknowledged is the passing of Dep Comm Roger Shannon's wife Margaret. Roger rode the sector car next to mine back in the Jurassic Age.. It seems we are losing more and more of our brothers and sisters, as I mentioned before it is the "graying" of our department.
My friend Bob Turano attended the 8th Pct Mobilization at the "Villages" in January and reports,that among others, the following retirees attended; Joe Centorelli, Bob Haack, Bob Prince, Frank Stewart, Nick Hayden, Bill O'Donnell, Mike Keeler, John Ash, Tom Woods, John Columbia, Bill Schwalbach, Bob Sievers, Kevin Ronayne, John Tscheimber, Kevin Ryniker, Sal Ponzo, Larry Boyle, Jim Maher, Bob Johnson, Ronnie Aimes, Ed Ramski, Bill Kiley, and Tony Fusina.. It should also be noted that the Alumni Assoc supplied " lots of chips & dips" a nice gesture to be sure..Apparently it was windy & cold there although heaters were provided
In case inquiring minds want to know who is still with us, I email regularly with the following retirees; Bob Gorsky, Louie Rubsam, Marty Almberg, Quinn, Al Burzo, Frank Mucciolo Arty Rescigno, Billy Parrish, Bob Misegades, Gary Leonard..Doing this as a public service..As I've written before many of you I simply do not know and therefore cannot include in any of my writings..Unless you email me with some "info"..Happy to hear the shooter (familiar last name) of Mark Collins ( 2nd Pct) was just convicted..His sister was attributed with saying some disgusting things about cops..Saw on Facebook unknown if true..Delores Boeje our sec'y from Arson had lunch with Gloria Russell widow of our friend and co worker Mickey Russell and mentioned to Dee that she misses the phone calls from Tony Greco..Hey Ant..get on the phone and say hello, from me too..
I will be unable to write a column next month as we are going on a cruise to Australia & New Zealand, leaving 2/9 and returning 3/10..If anyone just would kindly email me the"dos & don'ts" of both places ..Will be staying in NZ for couple of days before boarding the Celebrity "Solstice" for an 18 day cruise then remaining in Australia for several days before returning home. I'll give a brief rundown in April in case anyone is considering the trip..I know I'm NOT looking forward to all the flying..Flying into Auckland returning eventually from Sydney..
Hoping to hear from more of you, don't forget our servicemen & women and our first responders,still doing our old job..ciao
Respectfully submitted,

January 2016

Well boys & girls a new year is upon us,2015 wasn't a bad year as years go,coulda been better,but....As I now write for two associations I have recently had an epiphany that since this year I will have been retired 30 years,I'm sure I don't know most of you  and in return most of you don't know me either. Sooo how can I mention you and your activites,grandkids,etc..If you do not email me with the "goings on in your world", how can your ex partners, comrades ,etc know about it..I have had limited success with some guys since the advent of the Alumni Assoc. and have written about them. Kindly join in and let your old friends know what you are up to thru me, and perhaps it will rekindle old friendships. Well we will see if I can spark any interest, after all this column is about you
For those that may have missed some past columns of mine from 2015 I thought I would submit a brief "recap" of some of them; One year ago Jan 2015,"I understand Dep.Comm. Bill McBride is still in the hospital,recouping from his 10-10 Pedestrian,he was struck on Rt 347..Best of luck on his recovery..".."I plan on attending the 90th birthday bash for our friend Bill McDonald as soon as Ginny advises me of the date in January"..She did and I attended,presenting a huge birthday card signed by members of the Ret Dets Assoc,along with the birthday cake. March 2015, "In speaking with Jack Scott he advised of a monthly meeting in the Spring Hill area attending were,Art Stover,Dave Vanderklay Pat Estelle,Joe Accomondo, Charlie Lauer, Dennis Larberg,Bob Timm,Jim Woods,Larry Bohn,Roseann Christie,John Tsch,Ed Ramski,Bob Ellis,Joe Sponten,Tony Logallo,Teddy Wojo, Ron Ames,Bob Sievers (hi Bob),Vinnie Pagano". "I spoke with Ginny McDonald today (2/23/15) she relates Bill is fine enjoyed his party and the cake & huge card"..From April 2015, "Jack Scott advised that Ronny Ames & wife celebrated their 50th with a cruise"."Had dinner last week with Tommy Ingald Bobby Turano,Fred Maida,and Ronnie Frole with all the wives,then met two days later at Archie's a local (old timers) biker bar for a few beers."Special thanks to Walter Mitchell Lancaster Pa & John "Kevin" Delaney still on the Island who shares a love of Swan Lake Golf Course with me and remembers our Friday nite bowling at Captree Lanes.Both sent me nice emails referencing enjoying seeing all the names of our guys still with us." June 2015, "congrats to Dan Quinn on his 50th Anniv recently celebrated with a cruise" Congrats to Patty Paladino on the birth of his granddaughter, I'm jealous I have 4 grandboys" "John Resch now home from the hospital stay. He was diagnosed with pneumonia". Sept 2015 "in my June 2013 column I wrote of Kenny McGuire's 9 yr old grandson Liam fighting leukemia. Well he is still fighting it but has come to a bump in the road, let's all say prayerfor Liam & the McGuire family that he may continue his courageous battle..(Note as of very recently on Facebook Kenny posted a picture of Liam)  you go Liam.." I want to give a shout out to my former partner in 115 Billy Parrish and my old Sgt Freddy Mazzella,stay well..Hope my old partner in 1st Sqd Tony Greico is doing well." Nov 2015 "the week prior we went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean and who should I run into but Eddie Motolla and wife Eva, shared a few moments over a cocktail,and hoisted one for our dear departed friend Freddy Bruns."  "As you see my news comes from all of you,if I don't receive much I cannot write much,I'm sure Al Tosi also experienced similar situations so sorry to see him no longer write his column,will miss his words of wisdom"  Hope you enjoyed the short dwell in the past, and the names rekindles some warm feelings. You will notice I did not mention those that "left us" I do that enough in my monthly columns..Our "brothers" & "sisters" are leaving us much too fast..
Jim Woods contacted me a while ago and due to his moving back up north to be with family he can no longer do his "Biography" column quarterly..He requested that I take it over,and so I shall, unless some one else wishes to do it..If so, advise..So accordingly probably some time in March I'll be contact a few of you as to "updates"..It was amazing to learn that Freddy Fernez' grandson was promoted to Sgt on his P D.The amazing part is the some 100 years of law enforcement his family has provided..On a happy note Ret PO Rich Mortak's daughter Amy  delivered an 8 lb baby boy on 12/14 the (SEVENTH child) for her and hubby Scott Jensen of SCPD 7th Pct a coincidence (7)..Scott best sign up for some OTs Best of luck..7..hope my info is for real..
On a personal note I am looking to sell my 25th Anniv SCPD revolver never fired still in wooden case &  buck knife with matching serial numbers..500 were produced by S&W. Celebrating 1960-1985..
With best wishes for a great 2016, let's keep in our prayer our soldiers and first responders...
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

December 2015

Well boys & girls here we are at another Thanksgiving time (tomorrow)and in spite of certain events I suppose it is time to give thanks that we are still living in the greatest country of all. A special thanks to our armed forces who cannot be with their families at this time,God Bless and safe tours..Also to our brothers & sisters still in uniforms who work in these troubled times for them, "blue lives" matter...Let us not forget the FD's & EMT's who will be on duty tomorrow and all holidays.
Coincidentally while writing this column I received a call from Artie Rescigno (1st Pct & K-9), he was at St. Charles cemetery, and stopped by my parent's grave and sent a picture of it to us..Thanks Artie nice of you.He went on to say that the first Monday of the month a group of guys stop in at the old "Villager" on DPA by the RR for a "burger& beer", among some of the guys are Bobby Staab,Freddy Mazzella, and a bunch of other 1st Pct retirees,wish I could join them. Any one having further info on these "gatherings" kindly advise with more names.
Again as getting too common, on a sad note, we lost a few more of our friends,from the 4th  Plainclothes Bobby Fairchild,who used to join us for many years at our "Dinosaur Open" in Sebring played his last hole..He was always a fun guy to be with. He lived in Melbourne and worked security for Grumman there..Also leaving us was Pete Leyden (1st Pct, Main Office Dets) also from the Melbourne area (Bayfoot Bay).Pete pushed sector car 110 , back in the day.
A little better news is that John (Hansy) Resch my roommate at the Dinosaur Opens for so many years had a relapse and went back into the hospital them to a rehab center,hopefully will be home by the time you read this..He is on oxygen 24/7 has only one kidney and is under 130 pound ( no longer the fat little German,as Warren McCue often referred to him)..I emailed a number of his old buddies from the 3rd with his phone number at the center and many responded by calling him, including Louie Rubsam,Bobby Hulse (thanks Chief),among others,sorry I forgot those..His wife reports he is improving,however slowly..Get well,pal..
Heard from Frank Mucciolo shield 1386 worked Hwy and 6th Pct now lives in Waycross,Ga.needed some info on a Kof C in Ronkonkoma,as he belongs to one in Ga., did some research and was able to provide same to him,hopefully it was correct He wanted to say hello to the guys he worked with ..He further related that he "enjoys the column & reading the names in it,and l get a tear in my eye for the ones passing"  Well Frank I'm sure we all do,and while I detest writing  about it  I feel it necessary because of notes like yours. Some times I feel like the "Grim Reaper"..
As a member of the Republican Executive Committee of St Lucie County, I had the opportunity to attend the "Sunshine Summit" recently in Orlando a weekend event. All the Rep, presidential candidates were in attendance. Giving the keynote speech at the accompanying dinner was Veep Dick Cheney, I had the chance to shake hands with the man, he was very gracious,but appeared some what frail..He did however give  a terrific talk, including some insight as to the happenings on 9/11..Also got to shake hands with Marco Rubio,but I must admit Ted is my guy..I'm a member of the "Cruz crew"..Trump was there and as usual gave a helluva talk, which roused his many followers, Carson, with his calm manner is very easy to listen to, but quite humorous in a dry way..It was great to hear each for about 20 minutes rather then a 30 second sound bite..
In closing I want to wish all my old comrades in arms a joyous and happy Thanks giving and a Merry Christmas, may your New Year be filled with happiness and the sounds of your grandchildren's laughter..Oh BTW I also heard from Ruth Hart many old-timers from the 1st will remember Ruthie as the sec'y of Charlie Hartgens, she lives on Fla's west coast.


I also want to add on a sad note our friend Jimmy Mac Cready is in a hospital in Charleston,So Carolina battling that dreaded "C" word, he has been diagnosed with stage 4 in various parts of his body..He advised me he had no problem with me reporting this sad news,and vowed to be in Stuart Fl in January to have our 3 rd annual "beer day" with Gary Leonard,myself and his brother Tommy. I hope so,Jim,and look forward to it..Perhaps some prayers and/or good thoughts directed his way might help..

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo



November 2015

I just returned today (10/29) from the annual Dinosaur Open held in Sebring Florida, it started in 1998 with about 20-24 guys ALL retirees from SCPD..Arty Eggling with the help of John Newton put it together and has since done same..Sad to say there were only 6 of "us" there this year, as the grim reaper, time, etc has taken it's toll..Although there were 16 there this week only 6 were "us"; Arty ,John, myself, John Resch,Dan Quinn, Steve Densing ,and Marty Ahmberg..and various relatives and friends..Unsure of it's future...
The week prior we went on a cruise to the western Caribbean and who should I run into but Eddie Motolla and his wife Eva,it's been a few years but we shared a few terrific moments together rehashing old times over a cocktail..Eva was a school crossing guard  in Huntington,with another old mutual friend's wife Marie Bruns..we hoisted one for Freddy..Eddie lives in Boca Raton and is very active in the  Sons of Italy organization, in fact is president of the Florida chapter.
Heard from John Lynagh in reference to an article from 1979 in which SCPD's Narcotics Sqd played football against Nassau's. John Ryan who played in that game further advised they beat them by a score of 35-7 game held at State U at Farmingdale,attached was an old b/w picture with John,John McGovern & Dick Siee, barely visible..Wonder how many who played in that game in the fall of '79 are still with us?? I want to thank John Lynagh who sez hello to all, for the info.John lives in Melbourne and chases the little white ball fight off the "little aches & pains" we all get... Another old name came to my attention,Barry Charles(Sgt) recently celebrated his 50th Anniversary with a trip to Hawaii,glad to hear it Barry,you joined many of us with that milestone recently.
I was hoping to avoid  the "grim reaper" account this month but I just learned of the passing of Dave Thomas our 123 operator back in the day..He has been an "on line" DJ upstate NY spinning those "oldies but goodies" doowops, I had occasion to "tune him in" a few times, A real gentleman, condolences to his wife,Linda..ciao bro..
As you see my "news" come from you all, if I don't receive much I cannot write much,I'm sure my protégé,Al Tosi also experienced similar situations,so sorry to see him no longer write his column, will miss his words of wisdom ..He was writing his column longer then I have,I believe..It's been a little over 5 years for me since Tony Grieco asked me to do it..
Oh well, Marie sez I must turn this in ASAP,and so I will....Remember our actives and of course our soldiers ..God Bless them..Ciao4now...
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo


October 2015

Well another year has  passed bringing the advent of football on the weekends,yeah for us..Another year of heartbreak for us JETS fans although it started great ,yesterday was no so great as the Eagle flew over us..However the"army ants" won.Heard from a voice from the past as Frank Kelly emailed to say hello, and advise he is still with us. He was in the 1st  Pct.Sqd 4 in the middle 60's..and held fond memories of same..Dennis Byrne  also wrote after reading my last column which he said brought back  good memories in reading some of the names,especially Joe DiSalvo of the Wyandanch refrigerator incident.  He advise both his & Joe's child were born the same day in same hospital, while they worked in the 6th ..Working the "new" chart(22 sqd). He also related he came on with Patty Paladino, 11/70, and his son retired from NYPD. After several email "discussions" I learned Dennis lived literally around the corner from me in Elmhurst,Queens in the mid 50's..WOW we are old..
Speaking of the afore mention refrigerator incident I spoke with George Trksak,retired Sgt. and a 30 year member (still active)of Coram Fire Dept. He stated that ACTUALLY his shot also hit the perp but the bullet glanced off his left eye socket and did hit the refrig. So we will have to give an "attaboy" also. George related that although he has had some family tragedies in his life he is doing ok..Nice to hear from these "old" guys and that they enjoy hearing the names of those they worked with.   
Sorry to learn of the passing of Richie Hartmann,an attorney that helped make us mucho dinero,back in the day,..We all know he fell on hard times later in his life,lost his legal license,but never the less did great work for us..I had lunch with him and my late friend Freddy Bruns in Jupiter several years ago, it turned out he was doing "title work" and asked if I could  provide some business his way, as I was a realtor at the time..We three spent a nice afternoon discussing "old times"..So sorry both of them are gone..Should be noted that Eddie Johnson, I believe, was prez at the time and did much to assist in our endeavors..
Tim Grauer contacted me to announce the Steuben Society golf outing on Oct 1 at Island Hills in Sayville..How ever I was notified too late to be of much use to him..My column "goes in" to Marie end of a month and gets published by the first week of next month..So while I am happy to publicize an event I have to be notified almost 2 months in advanced..Keep that in mind..Speaking of golf our 18th annual "Dinosaur Open" is coming up on Oct 27-29 in Sebring,Fl..Sadly our old golfing pal Al DeMarco will no longer be with us,as he passed recently and will be watching from the 19th hole in the sky..I'll report on that next month. look forward to see some of my pals Dan Quinn, Hansy Resch, Arty Eggling, John Newton, Marty Ahmberg, among the rest of the supposed golfers..
From my Retired Police of NY State newsletter ,the following  SCPD retirees made a $$ contribution, Al Hobbs,Joe Deriso,Dennis Green, Harry Dedora,Sebastian DeMarco, and for you real old-timers from the 1st, Anni Desverney widow of Harold Desverney.
Lest we forget 9/11 just passed and it seems many people forgot who did it to us and are succumbing to radical Islamic for Sharia which I say "el toro poopoo"...Be well and don't forget our heroes fighting for us and our first line defenders..Our brothers in blue are taking a lot of heat we must support them in every way..Perhaps because that "bad guy" in NYC, doesn't support them at all..
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

September 2015

Well we are back,after a sweltering summer, we've endured..Hope all is well with everyone and you too survived.  Unfortunately some of us didn't we've lost many friends over the summer among them Freddy Meline (Lt) 6th Pct, he came on job with me(scary), Don Dyack (Lt), Ray Flood (Sgt), and some of you may know Pete Amato (Sgt) from Sheriff's Office..Lest we forget.
In my June 2013 column I wrote of Kenny McGuire's 9 yr old grandson Liam fighting leukemia.Well he is still fighting it but has come to "bump in the road", lets all say a prayer for Liam & the McGuire family that he may continue his courageous battle. As I wrote then "You go Liam"..  Spoke with Ginny MacDonald recently as I send her printed versions of my columns to read to Bill..He certainly enjoys hearing the names of his old friends and encourages him to keep going,he is in his 12 th year at "The Place" in Stuart ,Fl. and doing as well as he can..
As many of you may remember on April 6,1971 a shooting occurred in Wyandanch in which PO George Frees was killed and Bob Staab was wounded..Finally in 2015  two officers who responded and aided them,Dennis Delaney and the late Tony Pierri were awarded the Medal of Honor..Many of the original guys from Sqd 2 were present for the ceremony, along with members of the Pierri family. A "day of infamy" in SCPD annals..To those of us who were there that night,we will never forget..
On a brighter note Bill Hagermeyer (Arty's little boy) sent me a photo of a party held  at Vinnie Peter's pool home this summer ..Attendees included Bob Matedero,John McGovern, Dodd Amrhein,Jim Jernigan, Ray Wempe, John Niedzielski(phew),Freddy Kirshenheiter, Artie White, Tony Piazza,George Gradischer Pete Kellerher, Gerry Pelkofsky,Pete Falcetta,Mike Mongon and of course Bill & Vinny...Also of course the wives including Barbara Chadakoff an ex sec'y with SCPD...I hope I spelled all the names correctly as I do not know all of them..Bill I hope you see this in either publication,Alumni News or Ret Dets Assn newsletter..Thanks for the info.. Heard from George Trksak, living in the 6th Pct area..I will contact him soon,and you will learn a bit about him..What a great "shooter" he was..Although truth be told one night in Wyandanch many years ago on a call inside a home, a bad guy pulled a gun and it was Joe DiSalvo that hit him, George hit the Frigidare..Another time for this story..
I previously reported that Danny Quinn & wife celebrated their 50th with a cruise,well it finally occurred on July 3rd compliments of their children..Do you rent them out Danny? John (Hansy) Resch is doing better and is looking forward to joining us again in October for our 17th or 18th annual Dinosaur Open in Sebring ..Aside to Warren McCue the "not so fat " German says hello..I also want to give a shout out to my old partner in 115 Billy Parrish and my old Sgt Freddy Mazzella..Stay well..Hope my old partner in 1st Sqd Tony Greico is also doing well.
It seems this job is getting more & more dangerous,thanks Obama & company...Lets keep our boys(and girls) in blue in our thoughts and prayers along with our fire service personnel and certainly not to leave out our soldiers God Bless..
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

July 2015

I was advised that we are taking a "vacation" for the summer no more columns until September..I already had this short one prepared so I am submitting these few words..Have a great summer to all..
I learned of the nuptials of Gary Leonard (homicide) recently while he & his long time gal pal were in Las Vegas. Gary told me there are "marriage chapels" on every corner so he figured "what the heck".. Congrats Gary and Patty Paladino sez hello to you. Fred Fernez our old friend sent me a letter describing among other things how he & his children and grandchildren have amassed over 100 years in law enforcement.. Quite a family achievement, Fred as you may know retired as Chief of Indian Harbor Beach PD, (near Melbourne Fla.)  11 years ago this month.. Keep up the tradition to all the Fernez family. Jim McCready recently drove his "trike bike" up to Long Island on some business he needed to attend to, good luck on that Jim.
On a sadder note I hear Harvey Bittner is back in the hospital, good luck Harv. My old neighbor from Manorville Dick Miller (Marine Bureau) recently passed. We lived in the same subdivision had the same model house.. In discussing this with Don Jenulis he recalled they both worked the "J" boat.  Sorry to learn of the passing of Mario Biaggi (NYPD) and Congressman, you may remember he was a conservative minded politician, sorely missed in today's politics. Al DiCanio is home receiving oxygen 24/7 and would enjoy his old buddies dropping him a call.. Spoke with John Resch the other day and he is recouping also at home after a rehab of 21 days..
Well as the old song goes "See You in September" by the Four ???? (don't remember) Freshmen?? maybe
Ciao for now, keep our service members in your prayers.
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Puzzo

March 2015

Greetings to  all from the frozen tundra of south Florida where the temperatures reached  an icy 39 overnight two nights ago...It's 79 on 2/22 as I write this .. Gotta learn to stop "breakin' 'em" oh well hope this finds all in good shape and keeping as warm as possible..Imagine Giuliani calling out Obama as he did.....about time. Okay enough politics..

 In speaking with Jack Scott of the Alumni Assn he advised of a monthly breakfast held in the Spring Hill area, and is usually well attended..This past breakfast was on 2/18 and in attendance were,Art Stover, Dave Vanderklay,Pat Estelle, Joe Accomondo,Charlie Lauer, Dennis Larberg, Bob Timm, Jim Woods, Larry Bohn, Roseann Christie, John Tsch, Ed Ramski, Bob Ellis, Joe Sponten, Tony Logallo, Teddy Wojo, Ron Aimes,Bob Sievers(hi Bob), Vinnie Pagano, and of course Jack.I'm sure a good time was had by all. Stay in touch Jack with additional info.

 Met with some fellow retirees,Gary Leonard, Jim & Tom McCready, Craig Sevenless,Eddie Favire,yesterday at a VFW hall in Stuart,Fl after consuming "a few beers" I introduced them to Sonny's BBQ,which was enjoyed by all..We had a terrific time recounting tales of bravery and unexpected  "happenings",which make up a police career,  as we all know..All in all a good afternoon and evening. Gary wanted me to say hello to Dan Quinn for him,perhaps I will do that sometime in the future. Jimmy operates a very cool NYC  Taxi Cab yellow Can Am three wheel motorcycle,his brother Tom rides a Harley..

 The annual Alumni Picnic will be held on 4/18 from 1100-1600 hrs at Fox Lake Park in Titusville,Fl. east of exit 215 off I-95, rain or shine and will be catered so they need a head count. Arrangements have been made to stay at a nearby Best Western Inn 3455 Cheney Hwy in Titusville for a reasonable price  of $53/night..

 As a member of the Retired Police Assoc of NY I learned the following men have attained the distinction of reaching 75 years of age; Carl Uehlinger, Frank Paciella, Harry Carlin,Mike Turano, Norman Rein, Richard Sperl,Robert Harsch, Robert Tiedemann,Teddy Evanila..I'm sure during our careers we have worked with one or more of these gentlemen and wish them a Happy 75th, and God Bless.

 I spoke with Ginny McDonald today 2/23,she relates Bill is fine,he enjoyed his party and the cake & huge signed card sent by this organization and will send a formal "thankyou" ASAP..

 This will end this month's column as we are leaving soon for the freezing climes of DC to visit our son & his family,mostly our newest grandboy 2 years old. We are bringing the "muck" along..Don't forget a prayer for our troops and our first responders.."Safe tours" to all of them..ciao..  All news items gratefully accepted..

 Respectfully submitted,

 Tony Puzzo

February 2015

Well,it's here 2015,bringing hopes of good cheer and peace on earth..Not if the "JV" as Obama described them have anything to do with it.They continue to grow in spite of our leader's wishful & inept thinking..Enough of all that political stuff,most of us feel the same way,so I am "preaching to the choir" On to local news.

Early in the month I had occasion to lunch with Larry Spinosa & Richard Sperl,which I noted in last months column and I gleaned the following from them..Larry was one of the youngest guys to join SCPD at the ripe old age of 21 yrs & 15 days and worked the 1st Pct (old) Sqd 4..Wound up in Arson and it was I who took his  2 Edward slot in 1979, he retired 1/85 moved to Melbourne,where he still resides,did nothing but fish for 2 years,ran out of money and joined Indian River Memorial Hospital specializing in drug & alcohol therapy,and still relishes to this day.  Dick Sperl retired as a Det/Sgt out of Hwy which I related last month..His PO badge # was ..1013.. Dick lives in a gated community  in Port St Lucie and plays tennis & softball several times a week Our discussion was fast paced & lively ; among those "old guys" mentioned were, Bob Cummings.Fred Fernez, Al Dellapenna, Gene Kotsky, Joe Monteith,Arty Feldman,Vinny Sullivan, Dick Allen, Doc Newman,Bobby Klein,Dick Roberts, Al Keating. Just writing these names down brings back such great memories to me and I hope to you..As we know many of those are no longer with us, but it is good to remember them..We three worked at SCPD in roughly the same time period (mid 60's - mid 80's) so many names were real familiar to us.


In mid January our "8th Pct" held a soiree in The Villages,as I was unable to attend I "deputized" Richie Dinenger to go and report back as to the attendees,etc. Rich advised the following were in attendance John Luciano, Tom Muratore, Tony Scaduto, John Columbia, Joe Centorelli, Frank Stallone, Larry Boyle, Pete Marsala, Bruce Enzman,Ron Fiefield,Bill Schwalbach, Ron Aimes, Pete Anacario,Nick Hayden, Roseann Christie, Nicky Titolo,John Thompson, there may have been more but this is whom I was told were there. Of course many wives were also present..Again I list the names just so many of you reading this will know your friends are still with us,thankfully. I must admit some names are unknown to me..
In December Tommy Ingald contacted me as to the status of our old friend Billy McDonald,as many of my readers know I do mention Bill several times a year as he does live near me..Well I advised Tommy he was still with us and was fast approaching his 90th birthday at the end of January..For all he has done for us in the past the board of this organization wanted to do something for him,I was asked what can be done. I suggested that the board buy "the birthday cake" for his party,and suggested $50-$60 as to the cost of it..They readily agreed and also sent me to bring to Bill ,a giant card which was signed by many of our members..I called Ginny his wife and she was so pleased that he would be remembered. On 1/31 (today) I attended that party in Stuart Fl in an assited living home where he  has resided for about 10 years..Needless to say it was well attended by family,friends and many SCPD & wives,among them Ray Russell,John Trovich, Dick Waltz, Jim Boyd,Bob Eggers..I presented Bill the gigantic card and although he is unable to speak,I "read" in his now wet eyes the gratitude as he peered over the names on the card..You guys DID GOOD. Ginny told all who were there that the cake was sent by our organization and asked me to thank you all..Doing so now. You made his day..I would estimate about 50 people were in attendance at this party..I took a picture of Bill & Ginny "sporting" a birthday t-shirt he was given.. and am sending it to Marie for publication.


Later that afternoon I met with the McCreedy brothers,Jimmy & Tommy who just arrived in town for their annual visit..Gary Leonard was to join us but was unable,perhaps next week..Both of them say hello to all their friends up there They may join Fred Maida,Bob Turano & I on this Tuesday nite as we requalify for our HR218 licenses,which as you know must be done annually.


I leave off with a fond farewell,and wish our service people all the best for their safe return,and I join in my NYPD brethren in "turning a back" on that mayor (no capital) warranted...Ciao for now


Respectfully submitted,

 Tony Puzzo

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