This feature. “Brag Bag” is a place where members can share important moments with fellow members. Examples of items for the Brag Bag may include such things as "Ron and Noel Aimes recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary", "three generations of Fred Fernez’s family were featured in a recent local newspaper article", "birth of a grandchild or great grandchild", "a meeting or chance sighting of another Alumni member."

Items for the Brag Bag can be e-mailed to  or mailed to SCPD Alumni, Brag bag, PO Box 5998, Spring Hill, Fl 34611. Pictures and articles may be included for the Brag Bag  as space permits. The SCPD Alumni reserves the right to edit or reject items submitted.

“I retired from the Department in March 2005 after thirty years of service, and as you may be aware, during my early years on the SCPD I had begun compiling information for a non-fiction book that portrayed the experiences of members of the Department.  
That project has continued sporadically for forty years, and during that time, the theme and scope of the book have undergone a number of changes.  The current and the final format of the book is described on the enclosed Book Outline.  The book is now in the rewrite stage, where material may be added, removed, or changed.  Upon completion, editing will be accomplished and plans are to publish the book in December 2017.
But it occurred to me that it would be irresponsible of me to not attempt to ensure as much as possible that none of my fellow officers are overlooked, nor any of their noteworthy experiences omitted from my book.  Since this is the first book of its kind to be published about officers of the SCPD, I would like as many officers as possible to have the chance of inclusion.
I hope you will will allow me a few minutes of your time and read the questions listed below in regards to your career on the Suffolk County Police Department. If your answers to all questions are of a negative nature, you need do nothing.  I will interpret no response as a negative response.
*  Are you aware of any experiences, events or incidents in which you were personally involved between 1970 and 2000 that you feel are worthy of inclusion based on the Outline?
*  Are you aware of any specific incidents, events, or exxperiences in which others were involved that you feel should be included?
*  If an incident in which you were personally involved is included in the book, do you wish to have your actual name used?
*  Are you willing to discuss these matters with me either by telephone, email or in person?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, please contact me as soon as possible.  If not, I thank you for allowing this intrusion on your time and I wish you the very best.
Respectfully yours,
Don Longo                                                                                                             18 Farragut Court                                                                                                   Coram, NY 11727                                                                                               631 258 3350                                                                                           

Hi Jack, There is a wall of first responder patches behind the second floor bar in the Nine Fine Irishman. That is a restaurant located in the New York - New York casino in Las Vegas. During one of my previous trips, I took note that SCPD was not represented on the wall. I resolved that discrepancy during my October visit. Please share this as you see fit. Regards, Tony Logallo (Click for Pictures)

My son Dr. Joe Avella after working with Suffolk toxicology lab for many years moved over to Nassau County, as chief of toxicology.As you can imagine I am quite proud of the fact he is associated with law enforcement. Jo-Ann and I are still snowbirds between Crystal River and Mattituck  We enjoy traveling, including a recent trip to China. Love to see some of the old timers. We have eight grandchildren between NY and California, making me a great grandfather of two. Jack keep up the good work,hope to make one of those breakfast  in Florida.
All the best Joe Avella

Dan Gordon




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