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Bereavement Protocol
Revised 7/24/2019

  1. All Tap notices should be directed to Ron Aimes regardless of source
  2. Ron will determine member status (active or regular) and notify chaplain Rich Jensen (631-682-7435 or )
  3. Chaplain will contact family and determine funeral or memorial service and set up liaison with family .

Active members- receive $300 death benefit asap
            Alumni will provide Piper for funeral service or graveside
Members receive bereavement card
Honor guard deployment as available
Regular members receive bereavement card
Honor guard deployment as available

  1. Chaplain reports service arrangements and any family requests  to Ron Aimes
  2. Ron notifies Treasurer if death benefit is applicable

Notifies administrator to send bereavement card
Notifies webmaster about funeral or memorial arrangements
Notifies newsletter editor
Updates Alumni database(Taps designation)
Contacts piper if eligible and requested
Notifies honor guard coordinator in family requests same